01/02 UK Virtual Phone Numbers

01/02 UK Virtual Landline Numbers

Appear to have an office in Oxford, a branch in Birmingham and your headquarters in Hereford... You can promote your business as "locally based" anywhere you choose, and we'll deliver your calls to your existing landlines or mobiles.

7 great reasons to buy a virtual landline number from Capital Telecom:

  • FREE Connection! There’s no connection fee when you order your virtual phone numbers from Capital Telecom.
  • Appear to be locally based anywhere you choose in the UK.
  • Callers will pay the standard local or national rate when they call you.
  • Online Management – redirect your incoming calls whenever and wherever you need.
  • You pay just £9.99 a month which includes 200 free incoming call minutes every month.
  • Calls billed by the second, not by the minute – our minimum charge is just a penny!
  • Add extra services to your virtual number, completely free.

What does a virtual number cost?

Set up fee: FREE
Monthly Charge: £9.99
Included Minutes: 200 a month
Contract term: 12 months
Online Portal: Included
Price for calls routed to a landline: 3p/min
Price for calls routed to a mobile: 5p/min

It's easy to get started

Simply select the towns and cities you'd like a local phone number for and we’ll deliver the incoming calls to your landline or mobile. Our Online Portal gives you complete control of your virtual phone numbers, allowing you to change where calls connect, create call handling plans, and view call statistics - all in realtime. Included in the monthly fee of £9.99 is 200 incoming call minutes each month - these can be used when calls are connected to either your landline or your mobile.  Any additional minutes are charged at the standard rate shown above. 01 & 02 Virtual landline numbers are also known as area call, DID, DDI, STD numbers, ghost numbers, pocket numbers, and remote call forwarding numbers and can enable your business to choose a local phone number in locations where you have no physical presence, for a very low cost.

Benefits of choosing a virtual landline number

  • Appear local - customers trust local numbers more
  • Call tracking - see which adverts work, and which don't
  • Additional features - employ a virtual switchboard, set intelligent routing plans, add call queuing, and more.
  • Route your calls anywhere, anytime - answer your incoming calls wherever it suits you.

Call Management Services

Choose your perfect 01/02 UK Virtual Number

Interested in another virtual UK number

We're able to get most numbers so contact us on 0800 228866 or use the form to let us know which number you're after.

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