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Save Time, Money, and Hassle – Make the Move to Managed VoIP!

Did you know that you could save up to 90% on your corporate phone bills by moving from a traditional phone line to managed VoIP?

VoIP is an efficient, cost-effective corporate communications standard that’s quickly sweeping the UK. But what exactly does it all involve – and how can it save you money?

What is a VoIP Phone System?

A VoIP phone system is an internet-driven communications service. As well as offering you voice calls through data connection, you can also use a variety of video calling and collaboration suites through one easy platform.

VoIP stands for ‘voice over internet protocol’. This means that instead of making and taking calls over a traditional phone line, you’re connecting via the internet.

This means that your calls are clearer, more stable, and are managed completely off-site. That’s less maintenance hassle, and more communication potential for you!

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP works by converting audio into digital formats, which travel between two points – you, and the other caller.

Traditionally, telephone services run through physical lines. This means that they are prone to weather problems, maintenance faults, and even birds sitting on telegraph poles!

VoIP digitises the whole process. This means that your connections are smooth, uninterrupted, and ready to go when you are.

You’ll have access to a portal full of great features and programs, too. All around, VoIP opens you up to a world of possibility, as well as savings. How much time and money have you wasted on keeping your old phone lines up and running in the past?

With VoIP, that’s history – giving you and your callers peace of mind, and fantastic clarity from conversation to conversation.

Why Switch to VoIP?

Many businesses are already moving over to VoIP. However, we understand that it can seem a bit daunting! There’s no need to worry. With our completely managed VoIP service, your communication concerns are our priority. It’s smoother and quicker than you might think to switch over!

Here are a few great reasons to move to VoIP today:

You’ll Have Amazing Scalability

Going through a period of growth? VoIP makes it easy for you to add and remove communications channels and hardware as and when you need to. With traditional telephony, this isn’t so simple!

You’ll Save Money

With VoIP, you’ll have one simple platform, and a plethora of communication tools that are easy to manage whenever you need them. Think of all the money you’d normally spend on setting up new software and hardware in the past – VoIP rolls all of this into one simple, efficient, and cost-effective package.

You Can Go Remote

Want to take advantage of home working? Your team can access your VoIP platform from wherever they wish. Providing they have a data connection in the UK, simply offer them a login and permissions, and they can connect on the go. This cuts down the need for mobile phone contracts!

You Can Do More

It’s true! VoIP allows you to split up your call centre with ease. Manage multiple departments and specialisms through one system and one line. Set up a switchboard for your callers that’s easy to navigate.

You Can Upgrade Your Lines

It’s easy to add features such as call waiting, blocking, virtual queuing and voicemail features through VoIP. Manage all of this through your own dashboard and tailor your system to your own business’ needs. As mentioned, you can scale up and down as you wish!

Why Choose Managed VoIP?

Managed VoIP allows you to pass all of the connectivity maintenance to an off-site team, such as our experts at Capital Telecom.

Think about all the hassle you might have had previously with getting your phone lines back up and running after a drop in connection. Think of the time lost – and the business lost, too!

By opting for a completely managed VoIP service, a talented team of engineers and experts will manage your connection in the cloud. This means we will always keep a close eye on your connectivity and uptime. It also means that should anything go wrong, or should you need any support, you will have instant support at your fingertips.

This also means you won’t have to pay out for maintenance or hardware running costs in-house, either. Delegate your communications services off-site, and you’ll have the freedom to simply get on and run your business!

Flexibility For Your Customers

One of the best reasons to make the leap from PSTN to VoIP is for the boost it will offer your customers. In the modern age, your communications system should be efficient, flexible, and ready to respond to any query or concern.

Modern clients and consumers often demand services to be available to them around the clock. They need answers now – not later. Is your current communications setup ready to offer that standard?

If you’re really not sure, then it’s time to take a closer look at VoIP with an expert. Capital Telecom’s experienced team of telephony engineers will ask you a few questions about your communications needs and will help you work towards a setup that benefits you and your prospective callers.

Call Now for a Consultation

Thinking about VoIP? Not sure what the major benefits will be for your specific type of business?

If you really want to offer your customers the best care, service and to make sure that you are running at full speed, you’ll need the latest in communications technology. Reach out now!

Call Capital Telecom for a quick chat about your upcoming corporate needs, and we will be sure to set up a plan of action for you that reflects your budget as well as your long term goals.

Switching to VoIP is likely to be easier, smoother, and more affordable than you imagine. Take a chance and call an experienced team now who can get you up and running ASAP!

PSTN is on its way out – and VoIP, for businesses all over the UK, is the future.

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