Business VoIP Service

To start benefiting from increased flexibility, impressive call-management features, and the reduced cost of a VoIP phone service, all that's required is an IP ready phone and an internet connection.

VoIP phone systems are hosted in the cloud for flexibility and impressive call-management features without requiring any new  equipment be installed at the point of use.

Everything you’ve come to expect from a traditional PBX, and more.  But with less hardware and zero maintenance.


Tailored to your meet your business' needs

Scale Up or Down Easily

A VoIP Hosted Telephone system allows you to easily add or remove the number of phone lines (users) your business pays for.

Calls Follow You

Users can receive calls to any internet connection, anywhere in the world  –  that can be at home, in the office, at a hotel or on their mobile.

Save Money

One of the most important benefits of a SIP or VOIP service are the  savings your business will make.  Call costs are significantly less.