0800 Numbers

0800 Numbers

Widely recognised as freephone, 0800 numbers actively encourage customers to call your business first.

8 Reasons to buy an 0800 number from Capital Telecom

  1. FREE Connection: Many of our 0800 numbers have no connection fee.
  2. Per-second billing: Only pay for the time customers speak to you, not a second longer!
  3. A minimum of 400 included minutes every month
  4. 90% of people recognise 0800 numbers as freephone – they’re free to call from all UK landlines and mobiles.
  5. Nationwide appeal: 0800 numbers conceal your geographic location, reassuring customers that you are likely to cover their area.
  6. Advertising response rates can increase by 185%*
  7. 0800 numbers actively portray a caring business image where customers are more important than profits.
  8. Choose a memorable 0800 number and make it easy for customers to remember your number.

What does an 0800 number cost:

Set up fee: From £0.00
Monthly fee: From £9.99
Included minutes/month: 400+
Contract term: 12 months
Calls routed to a landline: 3p/min
Calls routed to a mobile: 6p/min
Mobile originated calls surcharge 6p/min

How do 0800 numbers work?

There’s no need to install any additional equipment or extra phone lines; your new 0800 number can be set up today.

Simply choose your perfect 0800 number from our Standard, Gold or Ultimate collections shown below, tell us where to forward these calls to, and we’ll do the rest. You can change where your 0800 calls are connected to at any time by logging in to your online account. All transfers are instant and seamless, helping you move office, weather an unexpected storm or answer out-of-hours calls with ease.

Pricing and Inclusive Packages

To keep things simple, we provide 3 grades of 0800 numbers to choose between:

Standard Numbers – £9.99 per month, including 400 minutes per month of incoming calls

Gold Numbers – £12.99 per month, including 600 minutes per month of incoming calls

Ultimate Numbers – £25.00 per month, including 1,000 minutes per month of incoming calls

Each call is accurately billed by the second and rounded up to the nearest penny where applicable, to keep costs as low as possible. All calls originating from a mobile phone attracts a 6p per minute surcharge, and calls exceeding the monthly bundles are charged at 3p per minute.

As part of every 0800 package you’ll receive free access to our online portal where you can manage your account, where your 0800 number is connected, and any additional call management features.

*(Source: Institute of Direct Marketing)

Call Management Services

  • Welcome Greeting

    Welcome Greeting

    Welcome every call to your business with a friendly pre-recorded greeting
  • Time of Day Routing Plan

    Time of Day Routing Plan

    Incoming calls are connected to different destinations depending on the time of the day and/or the day of the week.
  • Call Recording

    Call Recording

    Record your incoming calls for reference or training (1p/min surcharge).
  • Call Queuing

    Call Queuing

    If your lines are busy, our Call Queuing service informs callers you’ll be with them shortly.
  • Call Centre Handling

    Call Centre Handling

    The easiest and cheapest way to connect all your staff together, without the need for expensive equipment.
  • Handle Concurrent Calls

    Handle Concurrent Calls

    During busy times, you can handle simultaneous incoming calls by placing existing callers on hold.
  • Real Time Call Statistics

    Real Time Call Statistics

    See in real time where calls are coming from and keep track of your marketing efforts.
  • Divert to Mobile

    Divert to Mobile

    Ideal for small businesses and remote workers. Divert incoming calls instantly to a mobile (or another landline) via our online control panel, and never miss another call.
  • Percentage Distribution

    Percentage Distribution

    Control how many calls each member of staff answers; you could have 40% going to one member of staff, and 60% to another, for example.
  • Call Whisper

    Call Whisper

    Call Whisper plays a quick, pre-recorded message to alert you to which number has been called, allowing you to be ready before answering.
  • International Routing

    International Routing

    Deliver calls to your Capital Telecom numbers to any international destination.
  • Post Code and CLI Routing

    Post Code and CLI Routing

    CLI Routing directs calls to the nearest branch or franchisee. Mobile callers are directed to either a nominated branch or to a virtual switchboard.

Choose your perfect 0800 Number

Set up fee: £49.99
Monthly charge: £12.99
Contract term: 12 Months
Included minutes per month: 600
Price for calls routed to a landline: 3p/min
Price for calls routed to a mobile: 6p/min
Mobile originated calls surcharge: 6p/min
Set up fee: £99.99
Monthly charge: £25.00
Contract term: 12 Months
Included minutes per month: 1,000
Price for calls routed to a landline: 3p/min
Price for calls routed to a mobile: 6p/min
Mobile originated calls surcharge: 6p/min

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