Working Freelance? Why a VoIP Phone Number Might Be Your Best Asset

Given the challenges that 2020 has brought to us so far, it’s hardly surprising that so many people are choosing to work from home, or to run their businesses more flexibly. We’re seeing more and more people choose to travel the freelance route, meaning that instead of working as an employee or setting up a […]

Given the challenges that 2020 has brought to us so far, it’s hardly surprising that so many people are choosing to work from home, or to run their businesses more flexibly. We’re seeing more and more people choose to travel the freelance route, meaning that instead of working as an employee or setting up a limited company, they are choosing to become part of the gig economy. There are plenty of great reasons for doing this, and it just so happens that we are living and working in an incredibly flexible period where anything is possible.

However, many people find that some of the technology they are using is failing to stand up to their flexible needs. Mobile phone contracts are still proving to be very expensive, and traditional landlines require physical offices and physical locations. Therefore, it’s only reasonable that more and more people are considering VoIP for their enterprising communications strategies instead.

How Can VoIP Help Freelancers?

VoIP phone numbers are available to all business users in the cloud. This means that there is no need for any kind of physical location or connection. While many freelancers, sole traders or contractors may find that they rely on their mobile phones to handle much of their incoming work and outgoing calls, there is much to be said for mobile reliability.

5G may be just around the corner, but mobile phones – even in the age of smartphones being common everyday items – are still notoriously spotty. There are always going to be those occasions where you’re unable to take calls as you travel through a tunnel on a train. You’re always going to find spots where you lose signal even when all your bars are lit up and operating.

That’s why VoIP is so appealing to freelancers and remote workers who have no fixed office. VoIP is flexible and accessible wherever you have a data connection. Therefore, you can switch from Wi-Fi spot to spot and still access strong, clear voice calls. It’s a world of difference compared to the traditional mobile calling standard you might already be so accustomed to.

No Need for Physical Spaces

A VoIP number is a fantastic asset to any freelancer who may find themselves working away a lot, or who may not have the capital or time to set up a physical office. When you are working alone, too, it makes little sense to be setting up a rental office unless you desire or need that physical space for the work you do from day to day. Many people only set these spaces up because they get a physical phone number tied or tethered in. There may not be any other kind of benefit.

Therefore, as a freelancer, choosing a VoIP number may well be the equivalent to setting up your own office, albeit on the move. VoIP is based entirely in the cloud, which means that while you benefit from office-quality comms, there’s no need for you to have to muddle around with physical wires and hardware on-site. All you ever need to do is load up the right app and connect to the off-site server.

This is a fantastic on-demand service which also give you access to remote calls through the night. If you are starting to take on clients from overseas, then they will naturally wish to speak to you outside of British working hours. Instead of restricting your services and your potential to help from time zone to time zone, it surely makes sense to open things up as much as possible. VoIP, by design, will make sure you are open and receptive to all comers.

Cost-Effective for Growing Enterprises

Running any kind of business or entrepreneurship on your own is also going to mean you need a fair amount of money or capital to invest. This, of course, means that smaller firms and sole traders are likely to be counting the small change more than any other! That should, therefore, mean you are always looking for cost effective ways to run your business efficiently.

As mentioned, traditional telephony – even so far as mobile phone contracts are concerned – can be very costly. Even on business tariffs, you may find that you end up running up larger and larger bills based purely on the fact that you need to call abroad.

What’s more, line rental is often a hefty price to pay over years of use. It’s an outdated standard which even BT is set to retire by mid-decade, when traditional landlines and PSTN make way for VoIP for good.

VoIP is available on-demand and is easy to budget for. Now is the time to take advantage of VoIP, too, before it rolls out as the main standard across commercial telecoms. Instead of having to budget for endless calls and for line rental which just doesn’t make sense in practice, you should think carefully about looking into the savings that VoIP could bring you. This is not just a short term savings endeavour, either – as VoIP will enable you to continue communicating with clients and customers with greater clarity and call resilience for years to come.

Choosing VoIP

Now really is the time to start getting into VoIP. Thanks to changes behind the scenes at BT, it’s likely that VoIP is going to explode in just a few years. Therefore, as a forward-moving business or a forward-thinking entrepreneur, there’s no better moment to take on a VoIP phone number of your own. Offering connection quality and stability to outstrip the best that PSTN has to offer, we are here to make sure you have access to flexible, scalable communications standards that you can grow your enterprise with for years to come.

Either make sure to call our team directly to learn more or do take the time to look through the further benefits of VoIP numbers online with us. VoIP is set to be more than just an overnight fad – it is the present and future of flexible, reliable voice comms without the hefty price tag attached.

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