Why Your Business Should Offer A Call Back Option

What do you see when you study our website? Besides the individual offers of inbound calling and messaging services, virtual switchboard and the like, you probably noticed that option at the bottom which encourages you to request a callback.

That wasn’t an accident. Callback features are crucial to companies in the 21st Century. As you have been told on numerous occasions, everyone hates waiting, and that is particularly true for customers. Now, our systems are designed to improve your company’s communication mechanisms.

In an ideal world, that would mean bringing an end to missed calls and even queues. If you have the perfect system, you never have to put your customers on hold because you always have a call agent on hand to engage them.

But there is no such thing as the perfect system. Even the best IVR tools fail from time to time. But this is why you need the callback option. In case it wasn’t clear, this is how the feature works: rather than calling your office and waiting for an assistant or even a receptionist to pick their call, a customer can just leave their number and then wait for the office to call them back.

This approach brings several benefits to the table, for instance:

Call Waiting

The callback option eliminates waiting. You never have to put customers on hold because you only call them when you are good and ready to talk. Obviously, you still need the call queue feature for emergencies. But your reliance on the mechanism will reduce drastically once you provide the callback option.

Positive Reviews

Callbacks improve the customer experience. By telling your clients that you will take the responsibility of calling them back rather than forcing them to wait in a queue, you are showing that you actually value their time. This will improve their opinion of your customer service which can only lead to better word of mouth down the line.

And every business wants more positive reviews.

Reduce Call Abandonment Rates

If you keep people on hold for too long, they are likely to abandon the call altogether. Every business wants to keep abandonment rates low. High abandonment rates normally translate into large numbers of irritated customers.

A call back option eliminates the need for putting customers on hold. This allows you to bring abandonment rates under control. Doing so also reduces customer frustration. This feeds back into the positive word of mouth mentioned earlier.

Call Volume

The callback option helps you juggle heavy call loads. Even the best phone answering services struggle with larger volumes of calls than they can handle. This is why queues were invented in the first place. But if you’re understaffed and you know that a queue would force you to keep callers waiting for long periods, the callback feature gives you time to engage all your customers without putting anyone on hold.

There is also a point to be made about the impact callback features have on morale. Call agents who rely on callbacks to interact with customers are less stressed, and that makes them more productive. They do not have to contend with the pressure of juggling more incoming calls than they can manage.

At Capital Telecom, our callback option was designed for your benefit. If you’d like to speak to us, submit your request for a call back and wait for us to contact you, or of course, you can call 0800 228 866 to speak directly with an agent.

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