Why Your Business Needs a Local Phone Number

As a small or medium-sized business, you are going to need Local Numbers, National Numbers, and Freephone Numbers. Well, to be more specific, you are going to need one or more of these but not necessarily all of them.

People tend to group National Numbers and Freephone Numbers together because they are not associated with a particular geographical location.

Businesses use National and Freephone Numbers whenever they need to make their mark on a national scale. Freephone numbers are free for your clients but anyone who calls your national number will be charged.

However, none of that matters, not at this point. You need to start thinking about getting your business a local phone number. You will recognise local numbers by their area codes (01 or 02). Unlike National and Freephone numbers, local phone numbers are geographical in nature. In other words, they are associated with a particular location.

However, the location with which a local number is associated is independent of the business using it. In other words, we can assign you a local phone number associated with Bristol. And everyone who calls you will presume that they are calling your offices in Bristol. However, you don’t have to rent out an office in Bristol to pick calls aimed towards Bristol.

Does that make sense? This is the very essence of a local number. You could be situated abroad and still receive calls on a local business number.

But why would you do this? Why would we give you a phone number associated with a particular location when you’re not even situated there? Well, there are a couple of reasons for that, factors that actually make this arrangement beneficial for your business:

  1. As we told you above, getting a local phone number allows you to trick people into thinking that you have offices in locations that you have never even been to.

And that matters because people are more comfortable engaging businesses in their local vicinity because they think that such enterprises are operated by people like them, simple entrepreneurs that only have their customers’ best interests at heart.

Going back to the example above, there was a time when you had to rent out office space in Bristol just to appeal to the potential customers in Bristol, even though you were actually based in London.

But a local number makes all those costly measures unnecessary. You will find that customers have a greater willingness to buy from you because they think you are just around the corner.

  1. It isn’t just a matter of the comfort that clients feel whenever they approach local business owners. Most people feel compelled to buy localised products and services. They want to support their community.

You can tap into that sympathetic attitude by using a local number.

  1. The local numbers we offer are no different from any other virtual number you would normally acquire from us. As such, you are in a position to divert all the calls your local number receives to your personal mobile device.

In other words, you can answer phone calls targeted towards Bristol from the comfort of your flat in London. Clients will never know the difference.

  1. The virtual aspect of the local numbers we offer means that you can conduct your business from any other country around the world without incurring costly roaming charges.

So many businesses are working so hard to appeal to consumers on a national scale. They are determined to paint the image of a massive brand with a countrywide reach. They do not realise that they could grow just as effectively by reaching down to the local communities using local phone numbers. At Capital Telecom, we offer the best rates and a complete range of local phone numbers.

If you are interested in any of our local phone numbers, please see our Contact Us page or call 0800 228 866 to speak with one of our agents.

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