Why Record Your Business’ Phone Calls?

Call recording is quickly becoming ubiquitous amongst successful businesses thanks to its simple nature and high level of extractable data, but why should you record your business calls?

Time to reflect – staff training and monitoring

Training new staff and monitoring how existing team members deal with tricky callers, company policy and sensitive information can be difficult. Recording each call allows you to easily monitor staff performance, with real-world circumstances that can aid training, staff reviews and bonus schemes which focus on more than just sales.

Information at your fingertips

When dealing with a customer as efficiently as possible it can sometimes be easy to forget to write down a valuable piece of information; by accessing the call recording you will be able to quickly locate the information you need. Reviewing call recordings can also aid with evaluating marketing campaign efficacies by instructing your call handlers to ask each caller simple questions such as how they discovered your business and whether they are a new or returning customer – such information is invaluable for improving the efficiency of future campaigns.

Industry compliance

In certain industries it is now a legal requirement to inform customers of cooling off periods and statutory warnings; recording each call will equip you with a wealth of evidence that all legal requirements have been adhered to and that every customer has been provided with clear, accurate information.


It’s a fact of life that there will be misunderstandings from time to time. Informing each caller that their call may be recorded shows a level of protection for both them and your call handlers, as well as providing valuable information should a dispute need to be investigated and resolved in the future.

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