Why Are 0345 Numbers So Good for Business?

If you’ve been in business for a while now, there’s a good chance you already have a phone number in place – a direct line for people to reach you on if you want to offer a service or build a client connection. However, did you know that some phone numbers are better than others […]

If you’ve been in business for a while now, there’s a good chance you already have a phone number in place – a direct line for people to reach you on if you want to offer a service or build a client connection. However, did you know that some phone numbers are better than others at attracting customers and clients? In fact, some businesses prefer to opt for local and national lines and prefixes over those which have free prefixes or standards. But why is this?

0345s remain hugely popular for small to medium companies. These lines have been in place in the UK for a while now, helping to lighten the load from fallout over premium rate numbers. In the past, many businesses will have offered 0845 lines to make money directly from customer calls. However, regulation into this service has grown, and what’s more, many businesses are taking the ethical approach to set up cheaper calls for the customers.

But why is this? And why are 0345 numbers so useful for customers and for businesses in the long run? Let’s take a look.

0345s are Cheap to Call

The main factor in choosing an 0345 number revolves around cost. Specifically, a call to any number beginning with 03 is unlikely to cause callers and customers much in the way of concern. That’s because they are generally chargeable at local and national rates. Therefore, whenever a customer wants to get in touch with one, they won’t normally expect the high rates that premium lines can bring.

03 numbers are, on the whole, inclusive across many phone tariffs and packages, including those offered by mobile phone networks. Therefore, it is likely that anyone calling off a mobile or landline – at weekends or during the evenings, for example – will find that these calls are completely inclusive.

That’s going to be a huge confidence booster for your callers. By setting up an 0345 line for your customers, they can get in touch with you safe in the knowledge that they won’t be running up huge bills just to connect. It’s a great way for you to show your callers that you are thinking of them!

0345s are a Great Business Middle-Ground

Let’s also consider the fact that 0345 numbers are solid options from the point of view of the business, too. While 0800 numbers and freephone lines are likely to appeal to all customers, this will mean that you will need to foot the bill on all calls entering into your business. That might not appeal to all businesses from the off.

Premium numbers, of course, while great at claiming revenue from customers and callers, are unlikely to inspire confidence in the same way as 0800s. Therefore, 0345s offer a great middle-ground.

You won’t have to pay much regularly to run 0345s, and what’s more, your customers won’t be out of pocket, either. Crucially, they help to make sure that all parties save money when it comes to connecting together. That’s always going to be a huge bonus!

They’re Not Fixed

Another great reason why businesses opt for 0345 numbers is the fact that they will never secure you to any one place. One of the biggest drawbacks of landline numbers is the fact that they will often tie you to a specific geographic location. As you can imagine, in the modern age, that can often feel a little restrictive. Therefore, with a virtual 0345 number, there is never any need for you to tie yourself in.

Why not take out a virtual 0345 number? At Capital Telecom, we will tie this number to your existing mobile or landline. This means that, while you roam around and conduct business wherever you may need to, customers can continue to call your ‘fixed’ office line. It’s a great way to ensure that you can remain as flexible as possible.

Give Off a Great Impression

Believe it or not, 0345 numbers do more than appeal to customers in that they are cheap or inclusive to call. They also help to build up a great impression of your company. They will show that you are a professional firm and will also show that you have a solid UK office. Even if you are actively routing calls to a mobile number, your customers will still be confident that they are calling a firm with solid roots. Simple!

Setting up a great professional first impression is key. When you are growing your business or are trying to build up during that first few years of commitment, you are going to need all the help you can get in earning people’s confidence.

Believe it or not, setting up an 0345 could be a direct route through to setting up that perfect first impression. Simply put, more people will want to call businesses who appear fixed with an affordable line to get through to the right people. Rather than throw out a premium line or mobile number, you should be ready to set up plenty of confidence for people who are likely to rely on you the most.

Setting Up an 0345 Number

It’s time to start thinking about setting up an 0345 number for your business. Rather than continuing trading with a mobile line or other type of number, it makes sense to give your customers as much confidence as possible.

It’s worthwhile leading with a mobile number of local line to begin with – but for years of growth ahead, you will need something a little more professional to really drive the custom home.

Want to know more about 0345 numbers? Wondering if it’s the best option for your own service? Time to get in touch with the team at Capital Telecom. Call us today on 0800 228866, and we will be thrilled to help you start achieving those growth goals sooner rather than later. Make sure to make this the year you grow for the better!

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