Who Exactly is Openreach?

You’ve probably seen the ‘BT Openreach’ vans driving up and down the country and wondered what service the company provides.

Despite being advertised as ‘BT Openreach’, the company is actually two separate entities; however, Openreach was once owned and maintained by BT before Ofcom and BT agreed to allow Openreach to operate independently and support more than 500 service providers.

What does Openreach do?

Openreach maintains 120 million kilometres of cable, wires and fibre and 5,500 local telephone exchanges throughout the UK, keeping 18 million homes and businesses connected with internet, television and telephone. Their team of more than 25,000 engineers complete roughly 170,000 jobs each week repairing, maintaining and improving the UK’s connectivity.

From installing new telephone lines to manning local exchanges and investing in new superfast fibre broadband, Openreach play a key role within the UK’s communications industry.

So how does this affect you?

Openreach’s impartial service and high investment in nationwide infrastructure allows smaller telecommunications companies such as Capital Telecom to offer businesses highly competitive deals on telephone, broadband and television packages.

Capital Telecom offers excellent deals on non-geographic phone numbers for UK businesses. Stocking a large collection of memorable NGN’s, as well as multiple call management add-ons including call recording, virtual switchboard and routing plans, Capital Telecom is your perfect partner for business telecommunications.

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