What Are the Inbound Call Center Trends to Watch Out for in 2019?

Call Centres have changed tremendously in the last few years. Inbound calling services are transforming every single day in an effort to optimise the customer experience. Cloud communication has attracted far more interest than the pioneers of the concept could have imagined.

And yet, for all the shifts that call centers have experienced thus far, the arena is expected to undergo even more drastic changes down the line. These are just a few of the trends that industry experts have observed either taking root today or showing signs of dominating the field in the future:

Artificial Intelligence

You can’t escape AI these days. The idea has infiltrated every sphere of public life that you can think of. And it should come as no surprise to learn that so many inbound calling service providers are contemplating the role Artificial Intelligence will play in the future.

Call routing is expected to benefit from the presence of AI. The technology could also automate the tracking of critical metrics, helping businesses identify important sales opportunities, not to mention predicting staffing needs that might arise down the line.

There has also been talk of using AI tools to analyse caller behaviour and patterns, using the accumulated data to advise businesses accordingly.


Most of the call centers you encounter these days have a supervisor or two that oversee the activities of call center agents to ensure that they are availing the best possible customer experience for callers. However, a significant portion of these call centers also relies on analytical tools to measure the efficacy of their agents.

Manual observations don’t work as effectively as they used to. And while this shift towards analytics has been slow, industry experts expect the trend to eventually dominate the field. A time will come when all call centers rely solely on analytics programs and the data collected from call recordings and the like to identify and resolve weaknesses.

The advancements that have been made in analytics programs are staggering. In the near future, the call centers your businesses use will start to monitor the emotion and stress levels in your customer’s tone of voice, using the collected data to improve the manner in which call agents tackle the queries they encounter.

Cloud Communications

Cloud computing is nothing new. In fact, many businesses have already started taking advantage of the technology. But an even larger section of the business community remains skeptical, at least for the moment. But that will change.

Quite a number of call centers have already started contemplating the notion of utilising cloud communications in every aspect of their operations. And in a few years, there will be less contemplating and more execution, especially since so many call centers have started relying on remote workers. Cloud technology allows for seamless communication between a call center and its remote employees.

But that doesn’t mean that traditional technology will fade away. Hybrid options are slowly gaining prominence.

Remote Workers

As was mentioned above, remote workers are becoming less of a temporary fad and more of a permanent component of the call center. Advancements in collaborative cloud-based tools have proven that companies can survive and even thrive using a permanent force of remote workers. This cost-saving trend is bound to catch on once call centers understand the benefits it could earn for them down the line.

Along with 2-way social media conversations, robust customer satisfaction measurements, and omni-channel technology, our field is like a living, breathing organism. It is constantly changing, and we hope to change with it. Even the most confusing and sophisticated of transformations will ultimately empower us to serve your customers better.

That, in turn, will boost your sales and augment your public image.

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