What are the benefits of using a virtual phone number?

Without question, telephone is the most dominant point of contact for the majority of businesses, no matter what size. There’s just something reassuring about speaking to an actual person over the phone.  This being said, are you getting the most out of your businesses telephone number?

Virtual phone numbers offer more that just the benefits of a traditional phone line:

The stand-out biggest benefit of having a virtual phone number from Capital Telecom is that they’re 100% flexible and allow for complete control of your incoming calls.  Virtual phone numbers are never locked to one specific location and you can change the destination of your calls as frequently as you like.  Whether you’re a small business and need to answer calls on your mobile, or a larger business that’s moving premises, you’ll never need to worry about going though the hassle of changing phone numbers or updating your advertising campaigns. You’ll be able to take your number with you – wherever you go.

Another great feature with virtual numbers is the call routing plans on offer. Call routing plans can be created to match the exact needs of your business. You can choose where calls are delivered depending on the time of day or the day of the week.  You can also  divert calls to your mobile outside of your working hours to ensure you never miss a call.  If you need to route your virtual number to more than one destination, you can decide the order in which these destinations ring or whether you’d like them all to ring at the same time. All of your call routing plans are easy to edit via our online control portal, meaning you’ll have simple 24/7 access to your phone line configuration.

It’s important to be prepared for out of the ordinary situations, and being able to divert your phone systems at the click of a button is hugely beneficial in the case of an emergency. If you’re snowed out of the office for example, you can simply login and divert your phone traffic to you and your employee’s mobiles, allowing you to carry on business as usual.

Virtual numbers can play an important role in portraying the scale of your business.  If you’re a large business operating across the whole of the UK then you’ll most likely be suited to a 0800 number.  0800 numbers are non-geographic and do not tie your business to a specific location like local 01/02 numbers do, this gives potential callers the impression that you operate across the whole of the UK, making you appear more established and giving you the professional edge over your competitors. Whereas company’s who want to operate within a specific area may prefer using a local 01 or 02 number as this will give callers the impression that the company is only round the corner and will be able to give them a more personal experience rather than dealing with a large corporation.

The best part? Virtual numbers are incredibly easy to setup.  You don’t need any special equipment and you can choose your own virtual phone number from Capital Telecom – get started by clicking here or give us a call free on 0800 22 88 66

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