What are, and why choose an 0345 number for your business?

What are 0345 numbers?

0345 numbers are a special set of numbers. They are telephone numbers that are considered unique because they cannot be associated with any geographical area of the United Kingdom. With these unique numbers, it’s impossible to identify the location of the business that’s advertising it. The number is kind of like a secret location code. For example, a typical London number might start with the area code 0208. This alerts the caller or receiver to know its location is London. With 0345 numbers, it’s impossible to tell the location just by looking at the numbers alone. 03 telephone numbers tend not to be used by individuals, but typically by large organisations. These can include government departments, businesses, charities and sometimes hospitals.

Why choose an 0345 number?

One of the most important reasons is in the cost for customers when they call an 0345 number: Dialling an 0345 number costs the same if you are phoning a landline number at a home or business using a normal ’01’ or ’02’ number. You will be charged the same using an 0345 number as these.

You may have noticed that your mobile phone service provider now includes 0345 numbers in your monthly number of voice call ‘minutes’, if you have them. This means that when you have enough minutes left on your airtime you will not attract further additional charges for calling an 0345 number. This can be extremely helpful. Similarly, your home landline call package might include ‘free’ calls to other landlines at certain times of the day or week. As an example, you may have free calls on the weekend or during the evening. If this is the case and you call an 0345 number during these times you will not attract any additional charge.

However, if you call the 0345 number outside of the free period, you will be charged for making the call. The call charge would be the same as if you were phoning a normal ’01’ or ’02’ number. So now we’ve explained why you might want to choose a 0345 number, let’s move on to what people think of these special unique numbers.

What do people think of 0345 numbers?

Often people assume 0345 numbers are free. This is a mistake because people don’t get charged any extra for making the call to an 0345 number. WARNING: They are not the same as 0800 and 0808 numbers, which are freephone numbers. There are many types of 03 numbers. All numbers that start ’03’ have the same way of call charging. If you or your business would like to get an 0345 number, your new number will be set up, often, within minutes when you buy through Capital Telecom.

We have found that the biggest reasons why businesses choose to have non-geographic numbers as their business’ contact centre number are because they wish to dynamically route the calls they receive. Such numbers are often opted for by large corporate companies. An example would be 0345, these numbers are fast becoming the most commonly used 03 type of phone numbers in the UK.

As a preferred alternative and advantage to the (currently) more recognised 0845 or 087 prefixes, 0345 numbers are often categorised as ‘UK Wide’ numbers. This special landline-rate contact number is preferred by government bodies, the public sector, businesses, retailers, traders, financial organisations, charities, statutory bodies and so on.  This unique number being extremely versatile, i.e. it can be used for a wide range of activities for example, voting (on TV shows) helplines or numerous others. Setup is quick and easy with Capital Telecom. Click here or call us free on 0800 228866 to find out more. 

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