Virtual Landline Numbers for Your Mobile – How Can They Help?

Whether you are a sole trader, or if you are setting up a small company, it makes sense to have a point of contact that your customers and clients can rely on.  For many companies, this is as simple as having a fixed landline number.  It gives clients reassurance that there is always going to be a […]

Whether you are a sole trader, or if you are setting up a small company, it makes sense to have a point of contact that your customers and clients can rely on.  For many companies, this is as simple as having a fixed landline number.  It gives clients reassurance that there is always going to be a line they can call if they need assistance.  It’s also a professional choice – for example, an 0300 or 0800 number could change the way that a business or company looks to a consumer – in a positive way!

But what if you only have a mobile phone number to hand?  If you’re a tradesperson, for example, you might not have a physical landline number you are comfortable to give out as business contact.  You might only be a team of two people, both reliant on mobiles.  What if you really want to set up a landline for your business – but really don’t want to have to tie things down?

That’s where virtual landline numbers for your mobile come in handy.  Here at Capital Telecom, we make sure to offer our customers and clients flexible access to a range of different numbers and call forwarding services.

But why might you want to consider setting up a virtual landline number?  Let’s take a look.

Flexibility and Scalability

In the modern world, staying fixed to one landline and one location doesn’t really make much sense.  Despite this, people are still likely to find fixed numbers appealing, at least from a customer perspective.  For example, a customer might want reassurance that they are calling a local number.  You might run a local service, but without a local landline, you might have trouble convincing people.

What’s more, virtual landline numbers for your mobile will let you move your business around.  In a world where many businesspeople find themselves having to hotdesk from afar, it makes sense to cut ties with physical numbers and setups.  You can set up a mobile number to work with a physical landline without having to actually tie yourself down.  This way, your clients and customers will have access to a physical office line and be reassured that you are always ready to take their calls.

A virtual number is going to help you hugely in times of growth.  What if you need to scale your lines up?  What if you need to move to the other side of the country?  It makes sense to, at least, let your phone line stay flexible.  Otherwise, it’s one extra hassle that you’re going to need to deal with at the other end.

Enhance Your Image

One of the best reasons to look for virtual landlines for your mobile is, of course, to give off a positive, professional image.  Sometimes, a mobile number might not give off the right impression.  It’s expected that some businesses and tradespeople might use mobile numbers if they are on the road a lot.  However, on the whole, customers and clients may be more reassured if there is a fixed, professional-looking line that they can call.

It might seem bizarre, but it’s true!  An 0800 number or local number gives the impression that you have taken the time to set up a professional phone line for your firm.  And you have – without needing to set up a physical location.  A virtual number will forward calls to your mobile wherever you are.  It means that you can always be ready to react.

Enhancing your professional image is so important in the modern age.  If you’re a small firm or if you are a sole trader looking to grow your enterprise, it makes sense to present as solid and as professional an image as possible.  It’s the quickest route to building new client relationships.  What’s more, it helps to give your clients extra confidence in your service.  Taking the time to set up a custom number with a professional prefix is going to show your callers that you care about what you do.

A Variety of Choice

Virtual landline numbers from Capital Telecom are available in various forms and types.  Want to set up a local 03 number?  What about an 0800 freephone service?  Or, you might want to set up an international number to encourage specific custom.

Crucially, Capital Telecom’s services make sure to offer you all the benefits of a physical landline number without having to tie yourself to your desk.  On top of this, you’ll be able to manage your numbers through a web control portal.  This means that you’ll be able to make changes and to check how your service is running at all times.

No matter the numbers you choose, there’s never any need for any kind of clunky hardware.  That’s great news for anyone who may be sick and tired of having to muddle around with office connectivity.

Should All Small Companies Use Virtual Landline Numbers?

Virtual landline numbers are fantastic for small companies and sole traders alike.  You can set them up to divert calls to your mobile, and what’s more, you can even use them to encourage roaming and remote workers.  Rather than having to hand out mobile numbers to your clients, they can route directly through your landline numbers and connect to you and your team wherever you may be.

In a world where we are all growing ever more mobile and flexible, it makes sense that our communications should follow suit.  Capital Telecom offers a scalable, reliable service through which small businesses and larger firms can choose professional numbers to encourage custom as well as confidence.  What more could you need in times of growth?  

Your customers and clients deserve a professional, reliable service.  Start with virtual landline numbers and make sure you’re able to take those sales and follow-up calls without ever missing a beat.  Take a look at Capital Telecom’s affordable packages and services now – and give us a call on 0800 22 88 66 if you’d like to know more!

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