Using Virtual Phone Numbers for Marketing

An advanced PBX phone system cannot guarantee success, not on its own. The same can be said for VoIP, IVR, and various other cloud-based communication technologies. These are just tools and they are only as effective as the person using them.

Virtual numbers are very convenient. But besides permitting you to forward calls and record conversations, did you know that you can use them to market your business? It sounds absurd if you have never considered the idea but it is true. For instance:

You Can Use Vanity Numbers to Grow Your Brand

Vanity numbers are virtual numbers whose digits are visually appealing. Most people have encountered them on at least one occasion.

Companies will use a memorable sequence of numbers to spell a word that is directly associated with their brand. Vanity numbers are popular because they are memorable. They are also easy to advertise. No one is going to remember a telephone number even if it is splashed across a giant billboard unless the digits have been designed to reveal a clever message.

Virtual phone systems allow you easy access to vanity numbers.

You Can Reach New Markets

Virtual numbers are the perfect tool for any company that wants to test new markets. Think about the last time you received a call from a number associated with some distant corner of the UK. You either rejected it or, at the very least, perceived it with some suspicion.

Most people react this way when they see ads from businesses that feature numbers that are not associated with their local area. Believe it or not, it puts people off because it tells them that your company isn’t locally based. As such, as far as they are concerned, you don’t have the means to help them.

But with virtual numbers, you can create marketing campaigns targeted towards specific regions of the UK and also featuring local numbers. You can mold your campaign to meet the expectations of local audiences by using area codes they are familiar with. This makes you more appealing to markets that are completely foreign to you.

You Can Avoid the Complexities of Long Distance Phone Calls

Some local consumers avoid business numbers associated with distant regions because calling your company isn’t feasible. Either their telecom service providers won’t permit them to make such long-distance calls or the cost is too high.

Virtual numbers are useful in both cases. They can overcome the restrictions that certain service providers institute. This, in turn, allows your consumers to evade the fees attached to long-distance calls.

You Can Track Your Marketing Campaign

Virtual numbers make marketing less of a guessing game. By assigning different numbers to different avenues, you can use virtual numbers to identify the campaigns that are yielding the strongest results. This will enable you to fine-tune your strategy, abandoning the mediums that are failing to deliver fruit and strengthening those that are working.

People do not necessarily dismiss virtual numbers. But they do not use them to the fullest extent. Virtual numbers are a powerful marketing tool, particularly in the area of data collection and analysis.

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