Top 10 Business Types That Should Use Call Tracking

A lot of people think that all business transactions have migrated to the internet. They have concluded that phones serve no tangible purpose.

But that isn’t even remotely true. The phone is still an essential component of every single company’s operations. This is why call tracking is so important, not just in phone-centric settings such as call centres but also to businesses such as the following:

  1. Car Dealerships

You wouldn’t expect call tracking to matter to automotive dealerships. After all, anyone who wants a car will make their purchase in person after carrying out a thorough investigation of the vehicle in question.

However, for most people, their search for a car starts online. And once they have discovered your dealership, they will often call ahead of time to determine whether or not the vehicle they want is available and to also make an appointment where necessary.

Call tracking can allow you to track the level of interest that the various models in your dealership attract. This, in turn, will enable you to create marketing strategies designed to use that information to increase the foot traffic to your establishment.

  1. Home Services

People in the business of painting, landscaping, flooring, plumbing and the like spend a lot of time on the phone with potential clients.

Home services are tricky because they force homeowners to invite strangers onto their property to perform specialised tasks. So the average homeowner finds comfort in speaking to such service personnel on the phone beforehand.

And it often falls on the shoulders of the contractor in question to sell their services to the potential client over the phone. It is very important for people in this sector to review their conversations with clients to figure out where they can improve their sales techniques.

The service also puts them in a position to identify the keywords and ads that are driving the calls.

  1. Marketing Agencies

This goes without saying. If you run a marketing agency, you need call tracking services to determine the efficacy of your campaigns. Even if you don’t need the data, your clients will demand proof that your services are producing results for them.

  1. Estate Agencies

As with cars, no one buys property online. Even if the search begins on the internet, the situation always evolves into a cordial conversation over the phone between potential buyers and a real estate agent.

The only way real estate agents can identify and then push the marketing efforts that are driving calls is to use tracking services.

  1. Hospitality

If you work in the hospitality industry, then you already know that most of your business happens over the phone. Hotels, car rentals, travel agencies and the like will field dozens of calls, if not hundreds, in any given hour.

And while most thriving companies in the industry use paid search campaigns to drive these calls, the only way you can identify and then take advantage of the channels that deliver the strongest results is to use call tracking.

  1. Law Firms

Law firms spend a lot of money on search campaigns and lead acquisitions because the legal field is so competitive. We have these conversations with our legal clients all the time.

They spend heavily on lead acquisitions because phone calls are so valuable. The right interaction with the right client over the phone can affect a law firm’s ability to keep its lights on.

So it makes all the sense in the world for them to use call tracking services. Only with our packages can they hope to optimise inbound phone calls while reducing the cost of lead acquisitions.

  1. Mortgage and Loan Institutions

People make so many important financial decisions over the phone. And if you have ever worked in a mortgage or loan office, you know that it only takes a few poorly chosen words to lose a client.

You need to understand the type of client that typically reaches out to you and which channels funnels them in your direction. This will enable you to prepare more effectively for each call.

  1. Education

There is so much competition here. So you need to count your lucky stars whenever you receive a call from an interested party. The only way you can increase interest in your offerings as an educational institution is to use call tracking to figure out the best way to optimise your marketing strategies.

And once your efforts pay off, call tracking will also provide the information you need to improve the experience of every caller who reaches out to you.

  1. Computers

IT experts are in such high demand today because technology has become so complicated. And because of the internet, their work is no longer restricted by geographical borders.

So much of the consultation that was once done in person happens over the phone these days. But that has increased the competition that IT professionals must overcome.

With call tracking, they can strengthen their PPC campaigns in ways that actually deliver results. They are also in a position to launch more accurately targeted campaigns.

  1. Insurance

You don’t need us to tell you why Insurance agencies need call tracking. We all know just how aggressive insurers can be. They are not content to simply sit back and wait for you to come to them.

And the only way they can identify the individuals they should target and how best to present their products is to use call tracking.

Our services are versatile. Do not be fooled into thinking that your industry is so obscure that it couldn’t possibly benefit from call tracking services.

If you’re interested in our Call Tracking packages, or you’ve any questions, please call us today on 0800 228 866 to speak with one of our agents.

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