The Wrong Way to Choose a Phone System for Your Business

Phone systems are the beating heart of a company. They keep employees connected, enabling the various departments of an organisation to coordinate their activities. They also enable companies to engage consumers.

So the choice of a phone system that one makes has consequences for the future of their company. But identifying and selecting the right phone system for a business is easier said than done. People always use the wrong criteria which leads to the worst possible decisions, for instance:


Money is an important consideration. There is no point in obsessing over a phone system you cannot afford. As an administrator, it is your job to ensure that you’re spending within your means and that the phone system you choose fits within your budgetary constraints.

That being said, far more people than you realise start their hunt for a phone system with the intention of identifying the cheapest package on the market. This is a mistake. In many cases, the cheapest phone system is almost always the worst.

Most technical experts will tell you that most deals that seem too good to be true are shady. For a business to benefit from a phone system, it must ensure that it acquires the best phone system for the company’s unique needs.

Find an option whose features justify the price. Sometimes, this means spending more than you would prefer. Other times, it means the exact opposite.


Too many companies refuse to purchase new phone systems because they think that they can just upgrade their pre-existing system. There is nothing wrong with upgrading your system if that is the best option for your company.

However, many administrators choose the upgrade option because it is the cheapest approach. As was mentioned above, the cheapest route isn’t always the best route. Let the needs of your business dictate your choice of phone system rather than the money.


Some people don’t mind spending large sums on communication systems. However, rather than doing an assessment and settling on a phone system that can satisfy their needs, they want to replicate the systems their competitors are using.

In most fields, this approach makes sense. If a tactic has delivered great success for rival companies in the same arena, you can probably trust it to produce similar results for you. But communication mechanisms don’t work like that.

You cannot apply the communication strategies of other companies to your own because most companies have distinct needs that require distinct phone systems.


Don’t let your phone provider dictate your communication strategy. There is nothing wrong with seeking advice from professionals in the field. However, if a phone provider has already outfitted your office with a particular system and they count you as a loyal customer, you can trust them to push you in the direction of systems that benefit their pockets rather than yours.

This is especially true for traditional phone providers that would rather keep their customers away from superior communication technologies like VoIP. Look for an unbiased opinion.

Some people don’t participate actively in these decisions. They are happy to let their technical experts make this choice for them. But this is also a problematic attitude because it limits your control over the eventual costs you will incur as a result of your phone system.

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