The Sky’s the Limit with the Cloud

Like any new technology, the cloud is often shrouded in myths and mis-truths, so we’ve decided to set the record straight and dispel any concerns you may have with cloud-based phone systems.

“It’s less secure” – just like browsing the internet, there are vulnerabilities and areas of concern. The caveat here is it’s highly likely that you already take internet security very seriously and utilise gateway security, firewalls, wireless security and syslog reviews, all of which will ensure your phone service is protected and will in turn make cloud-based calls incredibly secure. In fact, Eran Feigenbaum, Google’s Enterprise Director of Security, said that he believes “that cloud computing, compared to most organisations [and] what they’re doing today, is probably more secure”.

“Voice quality is inferior” – cloud-based phone systems can actually offer far greater voice quality than a traditional copper line. Copper lines are what hold businesses and households back from gaining the best speeds from their broadband connection and VoIP calls are turned into data, meaning they can be transferred much more quickly than via a copper line.

“It’s expensive” – thanks to the nature of the cloud, there’s no need for expensive equipment to be installed in your office or for engineers to visit each time you wish to add a handset or adjust the bounce configuration.

“It’s unreliable” – unfortunately, no phone system can currently offer 100% reliability. If a section of copper wire becomes damaged or there’s an issue with the local exchange, a traditional phone system may experience reliability issues. Studies by Microsoft, however, have concluded that by shifting to the cloud, businesses have experienced improved service availability compared to traditional methods.

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