The Kinds of Inbound Calling Services You Should Outsource

Advancements in Information Technology have allowed small and medium-sized businesses to experience unprecedented growth. Services like ours are nothing new.

Larger corporations have spent decades utilizing call centers and call answering services to great effect. But smaller entities have only recently joined this trend. Call centers were initially a luxury for the wealthy.

Burgeoning enterprises lacked the financial muscle required to advance their communication systems. Call centers were equally strict about the sorts of clients they served.

But then, VoIP technology entered the picture and complex communication systems became a much simpler, less expensive component to install and utilize.

The recent years have seen a surge in the number of smaller businesses using call centers and call answering services. But far more businesses continue to languish in the chaos that traditional phone systems and packages create.

Our inbound calling services are unrivalled. So why are so many administrators resisting the benefits we offer?

More than likely, they do not understand what we do or how we can serve them. Actually, quite a few don’t even believe that they need us. Any determined business owner can configure and operate their own in- house communication system.

But as a struggling small or medium-sized business, there are inbound calling services you are better off outsourcing, the most obvious being the Live Phone Answering Service.

Automated call answering services have their benefits. But the majority of consumers that contact a company do so because they want to talk to a real human being. More importantly, if you want your consumers to feel like they matter, you need to make a human voice their first point of contact.

So, as a lone business owner with no significant workforce, what do you do when a deluge of business calls assaults you during a crucial meeting or a surgical procedure or a court hearing?

You can’t do everything on your own. You can’t run your business and also interact with the dozens of clients that might reach out to you in any given period. An outsourced live phone answering service saves you a lot of trouble.

The same can be said for the scheduling of appointments. Small and medium-sized companies cannot afford to lose business because of careless mistakes. You can’t run the day to day operations of a small enterprise whilst also dealing with the minutiae of noting appointments, managing your schedule and setting reminders for important events and meetings.

Mistakes will be made, phone calls will be ignored, reminders won’t be sent and you will lose business. But as an inbound calling service like CapitalTelecom that receives all your calls and takes all your messages, you can also trust us to manage your appointments and schedules with accuracy and integrity.

This is what we do. We have every tool required to keep the chaos and confusion that probably assaults your business on a daily basis under control.

Of course, one might argue that a receptionist could do all that and more. They can manage your appointments, schedule your meetings and receive all your calls. And that is true. Great receptionists can work miracles.

But great receptionists are hard to find. They are also expensive. And our inbound calling services are not quite as restrictive as you think. We don’t just provide live call answering services.

You can also outsource your HelpDesk needs to us. CapitalTelecom typically hires competent professionals who possess the extensive knowledge required to contend with the queries your clients present on a daily basis.

Think about it. You can’t always be expected to abandon what you’re doing to field a call from a customer who has a question about the functionality of a product you sold them.

So why not leave this task to Capital Telecom?

Inbound calling services are invaluable. They will do the work of multiple receptionists at a fraction of the price. Consider it today and when doing that, you don’t need to look far as Capital Telecom will meet your needs.

If you’re interested in our inbound calling services or you’ve any questions, please call us today on 0800 228 866 to speak with one of our agents.

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