7 Reasons Why Your Business Will Benefit From An 0800 Number

15th August 2017

You may be wondering ‘Why does my phone number matter?’ or ‘It’s only a phone number’, but what if I told you that your business’ phone number could have a massive impact on the success of your company. Here are 7 reasons why a 0800 could transform your business: 0800 Numbers are highly recognisable throughout […]

How to get a toll free number for your business

19th July 2017

There are many and various ways in which your business can benefit from a toll free phone number.

0800 freephone numbers for sale

The Perfect 0800 Freephone Solution for Your Business

26th October 2016

Capital Telecom is proud to offer businesses throughout the UK a truly cost-effective 0800 service, which is backed up by our advanced inbound calling features and highly rated customer support.

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