Smart Ways to Use Phone numbers to Boost Sales

We sell virtual numbers. You know this, obviously. And virtual phone numbers provide a number of amazing marketing opportunities. However, this is one aspect that so many of our customers do not realise.

They seem to think that virtual numbers are only good for cutting down on their administrative costs and eliminating unnecessary hardware. That is, of course, very true. But virtual numbers can do so much more.

They can transform the way you run your business and even increase your sales numbers.

The Marketing Option

The reason many of our clients acquire virtual phone numbers is that they want to improve their interactions with consumers. And that is a good thing. But you cannot stop there.

Virtual numbers are a great marketing tool. You can impute this to the fact that they track the sort of data that marketing experts rely on to make critical decisions. There are so many clever ways to use virtual numbers to increase sales.

But most such methods are merely variations of the same thing. You are basically using the data that virtual numbers have collected to improve your marketing schemes. The manner in which virtual numbers will affect your sales will depend largely on whether you are using online or offline marketing tools.

Offline Marketing

You all know what offline marketing looks like. This is where you use radio, television, print media, billboards, and other tangible mediums to reach consumers.

Even in the present era where the internet rules, most companies rely heavily on offline marketing to bolster sales. Unfortunately, offline tools are not quite as effective as they once were.

As such, a number of firms have tried to compensate for the waning power of radio ads, flyers and the like by putting all their eggs in every basket they can find. They think that saturating their communities with their brand is the best way to go.

But this is always a mistake because such techniques will deplete your marketing budget in a matter of months without delivering any significant results.

Small and medium-sized companies need to throw their weight behind a select few marketing mediums that actually work. But how do virtual numbers fit into this equation?

The answer is quite simple. If you don’t know where to put your offline marketing budget, start by running your campaign through the main marketing mediums (radio, TV, etc.).

Assign each medium a unique virtual number. The virtual number through which a client contacts your company will tell you the type of ad and the marketing mechanism that compelled them to reach out to you.

This, in turn, will show you which one of your marketing mechanisms works best. It is honestly that simple. All the guesswork is removed. The right service provider will even tell you how long your calls lasted and whether or not they produced a sale.

You can throw your weight behind specific marketing mechanisms knowing fully well that they work.

Online Marketing

Believe it or not, the same techniques that work with offline marketing can be adopted by your online marketing team. Attach unique virtual numbers to all your social media and Google display ads.

Wait and see which virtual numbers attract the most interest and then use that data to identify the online marketing avenues that perform best. This takes a bit of planning. But by tracking your interactions with potential clients, you can optimise your marketing strategy.

Now, obviously, there is nothing easy about what we just laid out. In fact, for some firms, the notion of launching multiple marketing campaigns with the aim of collecting data through the use of virtual phone numbers is simply not feasible.

But you don’t have to go so big. If TV ads are beyond you, rent out a small corner in the newspaper. Scatter a few flyers across your neighbourhood. There are ways of putting the concepts above into practice without going bankrupt.

The goal is to collect data using your virtual numbers and to act on the results you receive. Any techniques you can use to engage the market through your virtual numbers will ultimately bolster your sales.

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