Skills Your Call Handlers Require

Inbound calls are hardly a picnic. Customers are unpredictable creatures. You tend to encounter as many hostile callers as well as friendly ones. But this is why the person who receives your inbound calls matters.

The manner in which they interact with your clients is going to determine the reputation of your business. This is why you cannot leave this task to any employee you stumble across.

Any individual that has been tasked with receiving your inbound calls should display these traits:


This is where the people over at place their priorities. They expect everyone who answers your phones to possess deep insight into the workings of your company, its products and services.

That makes sense. Such individuals are supposed to represent your company. So you need to make sure that the picture they will paint of your offerings is accurate.

Otherwise, you cannot trust them to answer any of the questions your customers present to them.


As far as Contact Space is concerned, empathy is the key. To meet the needs of a caller, you have to understand where they are coming from, why they are so angry, and what they actually expect you to do for them.

An empathetic call agent won’t have much difficult time preventing conversations with customers from escalating. You don’t avoid arguments with customers by simply nurturing a steely resolve and calm personality.

In fact, calm attitudes tend to antagonise angry customers even further because they communicate apathy and disinterest. To de-escalate an argument, you need empathy. Only then can you hope to prove to angry callers that you care about the problems they wish to raise.


Whoever you select to field your customer calls must be detail-oriented. They must have the capacity to keep track of every single aspect of their conversation with a customer.

They must remember to note the critical aspects of each interaction, to record and deliver messages, to read between the words of a customer, to perform every single one of the myriad tasks you expect from them during an inbound call.

Obviously, you can’t be detail-oriented unless you’re organised as well.


This is crucial. The work an inbound call agent does is frustrating because they have to weather the fury of so many customers. Even more frustrating, though, is all the time they spend explaining simple concepts to annoying customers.

A decent call agent has the patience to treat customers as though they have the intelligence of children whilst also maintaining a civil tongue and a respectful attitude.


With inbound calls, it isn’t enough to have knowledge. You must also possess the ability to communicate that knowledge in a manner that is easy to understand.

Speak loudly without shouting. Your customer shouldn’t have to strain to hear you. Talk at a medium-pace, not too fast that the customer can’t understand you but not so slowly that you begin to irritate them.

Your tone should be warm, friendly, and inviting but also professional. Your words should be simple and easy to understand. Simply put, communicate with clarity.

Interactions with customers are not easy. But that is why we exist, to take the pressure off you and your employees. Why spend so much time trying to find the perfect employee to field all your customer calls when our people at Capital Telecom have every skill mentioned above and so much more.

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