Could your phone number make your business a profit?

The answer to this question is yes! With an 0844 number from Capital Telecom, you can begin generating revenue through your business telephone number.

This doesn’t even cost you a single penny to set up, as most of Capital Telecom’s 0844 numbers are completely FREE!

Just choose your favourite 0844 number from our available stock, tell us know which number you would like it connected to, and we’ll get the 0844 number set up for you! Even if you would like to divert your mobile, we can still set that up for you free of charge*.

Once you’re receiving just 500 minutes a month on your 0844 number, we will pay you a rebate of 1p a minute (a rate that increases depending on how many more minutes you receive – up to 2p a minute!). This brings in a tidy profit at no extra cost to your business.

Extra benefits of a Capital Telecom 0844 number, as with all of our virtual phone numbers, include the incoming call management services we can add to your number without you requiring any additional equipment in your office.

We provide FREE voicemail-to-email, time of day routing, and call queuing. Additional services are also available for a small fee, including call whisper and our professional virtual switchboard menu system (IVR).

To obtain a free 0844 number for your business, call us free on 0800 22 88 66 or email

* there are no rebates paid to calls routed to mobile or international destinations.

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