0345 phone numbers

Why Should Your Business Set Up an 0345 Number?

27th April 2020

Over the years, the phone numbers that businesses set up and use has changed quite a lot. While you will still see plenty of big businesses setting up 0800 lines, it’s safe to say that 03 numbers have crept into the mainstream. That’s because these lines were brought in as low-cost alternatives to some of […]

Call Back Service

Virtual Landline Numbers for Your Mobile – How Can They Help?

15th April 2020

Whether you are a sole trader, or if you are setting up a small company, it makes sense to have a point of contact that your customers and clients can rely on.  For many companies, this is as simple as having a fixed landline number.  It gives clients reassurance that there is always going to be a […]

silent solution system

Silent 999 Calls: How to Secure Police Assistance in the UK?

9th April 2020

It is generally presumed that everyone in the UK knows how to access emergency services when something goes wrong. But the numerous mishaps that have happened over the years, with some of them ending in tragedy, prove that some confusion regarding the use of emergency numbers still persists. If you have an emergency that requires […]

Why Use 0800 Freephone Numbers For Your Business?

6th April 2020

All businesses need to reach out to their customers.  Whether you run a small business from home, or operate a larger company with a full office, it’s important to give your clients a lifeline.  We can’t all hide behind emails and chatbots forever! The fact is, no matter what you do, you will find customers who would […]

virtual phone numbers

What Makes 0333 Numbers So Attractive?

20th March 2020

Covid-19 has everyone on edge, and for good reason. It has taken a great many lives. At Capital Telecom, we care about you and hope you’re all taking the necessary precautions. Our purpose is to serve your needs and we cannot exist without the support of every single one of you. So, stay safe. On […]

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