Hold feature telecoms

Call Answering Etiquette: Putting Callers on Hold

2nd September 2019

No one wants to be put on hold, not you, not your employees, and certainly not your customers. But sometimes it can’t be helped. Our services are designed to streamline and optimise your communication systems. Any system that requires a human component can never achieve perfection, and this is true for a business phone system […]

Virtual phone numbers

Why Your Business Needs a Local Phone Number

19th August 2019

As a small or medium-sized business, you are going to need Local Numbers, National Numbers, and Freephone Numbers. Well, to be more specific, you are going to need one or more of these but not necessarily all of them. People tend to group National Numbers and Freephone Numbers together because they are not associated with […]

virtual phone numbers

Smart Ways to Use Phone numbers to Boost Sales

12th August 2019

We sell virtual numbers. You know this, obviously. And virtual phone numbers provide a number of amazing marketing opportunities. However, this is one aspect that so many of our customers do not realise. They seem to think that virtual numbers are only good for cutting down on their administrative costs and eliminating unnecessary hardware. That […]

call tracking

Top 10 Business Types That Should Use Call Tracking

1st August 2019

A lot of people think that all business transactions have migrated to the internet. They have concluded that phones serve no tangible purpose. But that isn’t even remotely true. The phone is still an essential component of every single company’s operations. This is why call tracking is so important, not just in phone-centric settings such […]

call tracking analytics service

Call Tracking: Why You Need It

26th July 2019

Have you ever wondered why we decided to include call tracking in our list of services? This question puzzles people who do not understand the purpose that call tracking serves. They think we just throw things at the wall and then wait to see what sticks. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Every […]

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