Call Tracking Myths and Misconceptions

30th January 2020

Call tracking is a vital tool for marketers. It allows you to acquire actionable data by attaching unique phone numbers to different marketing tools and sources. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by identifying the people who call you and the mediums they use in finding you. Most people think […]

Hold feature telecoms

The Wrong Way to Choose a Phone System for Your Business

13th January 2020

Phone systems are the beating heart of a company. They keep employees connected, enabling the various departments of an organisation to coordinate their activities. They also enable companies to engage consumers. So the choice of a phone system that one makes has consequences for the future of their company. But identifying and selecting the right […]

virtual phone numbers

Benefits of a Virtual Switchboard

27th November 2019

The market has never been more competitive than it is today. You can blame this on globalisation. Because of advancements in information technology, your customers have more options than ever before and your competition is not necessarily restricted to businesses within your country. The only way to turn a profit is to become more efficient […]

0800 number

Getting an 0800 number: What is the cost?

8th November 2019

Are you thinking about introducing an 0800 number in to your business? 0800 numbers are very popular in the UK, so you would be in great company. Customers love them because they are free to call. Businesses offer them because they increase sales inquiries which, in turn, can lead to a boost in sales. Simply […]

buy an 0800 number

How to Get an 0800 Number

4th November 2019

On the surface, 0800 numbers sound like they could become a burden. They are free to call for customers and that makes them attractive to the general public. However, the businesses that offer 0800 numbers are still expected to foot the cost of every call. You can see how that arrangement might turn some companies […]

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