virtual phone numbers

Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers Over Fixed Line Numbers

14th October 2019

Advancements in information technology have continued to streamline communication in organisations. Our Virtual Switchboard, for instance, will completely transform the way you handle inbound calls and messaging. Virtual assistants have also made customer service faster, more accurate, and so much more reliable. Virtual phone numbers are interesting. Unlike other cloud-based communication tools, virtual phone numbers […]

Call Back Service

Why Your Business Should Offer A Call Back Option

4th October 2019

What do you see when you study our website? Besides the individual offers of inbound calling and messaging services, virtual switchboard and the like, you probably noticed that option at the bottom which encourages you to request a callback. That wasn’t an accident. Callback features are crucial to companies in the 21st Century. As you […]

How A Call Center Can Assist Your Business During Severe Weather

28th September 2019

Experts have blamed England’s turbulent weather on warm and humid air potentially linked to Hurricane Humberto that devastated Bermuda a little while ago. Most UK residents don’t care about the source. They just want the rain to stop. The┬áheavy downpour on Tuesday alone flooded many roads and streets. Public transport was brought to a standstill. […]

inbound services

What Are the Inbound Call Center Trends to Watch Out for in 2019?

23rd September 2019

Call Centres have changed tremendously in the last few years. Inbound calling services are transforming every single day in an effort to optimise the customer experience. Cloud communication has attracted far more interest than the pioneers of the concept could have imagined. And yet, for all the shifts that call centers have experienced thus far, […]

call tracking

Skills Your Call Handlers Require

16th September 2019

Inbound calls are hardly a picnic. Customers are unpredictable creatures. You tend to encounter as many hostile callers as well as friendly ones. But this is why the person who receives your inbound calls matters. The manner in which they interact with your clients is going to determine the reputation of your business. This is […]

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