buy an 0800 number

How to Get an 0800 Number

4th November 2019

On the surface, 0800 numbers sound like they could become a burden. They are free to call for customers and that makes them attractive to the general public. However, the businesses that offer 0800 numbers are still expected to foot the cost of every call. You can see how that arrangement might turn some companies […]

voip phone system

How Virtual Numbers Can Save Your Business Money

28th October 2019

Overhead costs are a source of concern for any new business. More often than not, amateur administrators can find that they are spending too much of their budget too quickly. And finding ways to cut costs is easier said than done. Any communications professional you consult will tell you that virtual numbers cannot solve your […]

memorable 0800 numbers

Using Virtual Phone Numbers for Marketing

21st October 2019

An advanced PBX phone system cannot guarantee success, not on its own. The same can be said for VoIP, IVR, and various other cloud-based communication technologies. These are just tools and they are only as effective as the person using them. Virtual numbers are very convenient. But besides permitting you to forward calls and record […]

virtual phone numbers

Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers Over Fixed Line Numbers

14th October 2019

Advancements in information technology have continued to streamline communication in organisations. Our Virtual Switchboard, for instance, will completely transform the way you handle inbound calls and messaging. Virtual assistants have also made customer service faster, more accurate, and so much more reliable. Virtual phone numbers are interesting. Unlike other cloud-based communication tools, virtual phone numbers […]

Call Back Service

Why Your Business Should Offer A Call Back Option

4th October 2019

What do you see when you study our website? Besides the individual offers of inbound calling and messaging services, virtual switchboard and the like, you probably noticed that option at the bottom which encourages you to request a callback. That wasn’t an accident. Callback features are crucial to companies in the 21st Century. As you […]

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