How Virtual Numbers Can Save Your Business Money

Overhead costs are a source of concern for any new business. More often than not, amateur administrators can find that they are spending too much of their budget too quickly. And finding ways to cut costs is easier said than done.

Any communications professional you consult will tell you that virtual numbers cannot solve your problems overnight, but they can significantly reduce your costs, giving you the breathing room you need to get your operation off the ground.

You have heard terms such as PBX, VoIP and call answering services, and it can sound like an additional financial burden for you to carry. But that isn’t even remotely true, not where virtual numbers are concerned.

These are just a few of the ways virtual numbers can help your business save money as opposed to financially weighing you down:

The Hardware

Virtual numbers are not attached to specific devices. As such, you can use the same landline or mobile phone to access a multitude of virtual phone numbers. You can even use your own device to answer both personal and business calls, and your customers will never know the difference.

Consider what that actually means. You can expand your office, hire new talent and furnish their workstations without spending money on new handsets. This is as opposed to traditional phone numbers which demand that you buy a new device for each new number.

International Calls

International calls are generally expensive because of the long distance. Your pay per call rates will change the moment you attempt to call a target in another city, region or country. And that is problematic for local businesses that want to attract customers in foreign markets.

With virtual numbers, receiving long distance calls are not only easier for the caller, but cheaper too. By dedicating certain virtual lines to specific regions of the UK or even the world, you can encourage calls from customers all over the world – where the caller pays a local or even zero cost rate.

With virtual numbers, an international call can be no different from a local call.


Virtual numbers linked to a VoIP phone system require a stable internet connection to operate efficiently. Additionally, many of the functions they offer depend heavily on cloud technology. As a result, the process of setting up a virtual number is simple, straightforward, non-disruptive and, most importantly, cheap.

You don’t have to invest in additional equipment to introduce virtual numbers to your office.


Virtual numbers are great travel companions. If your business compels you to fly in and out of the country, you can actually take your business numbers with you.

You don’t have to buy a new line or even a new mobile phone from your destination to stay in touch with your customers. Virtual numbers can go with you on your trips. You can also use them to avoid roaming charges. Matters become even simpler once you add a call answering service into the mix.

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