How to Get an 0800 Number

On the surface, 0800 numbers sound like they could become a burden. They are free to call for customers and that makes them attractive to the general public. However, the businesses that offer 0800 numbers are still expected to foot the cost of every call.

You can see how that arrangement might turn some companies against the idea of 0800 numbers. And yet it is hard to argue against the benefits they offer. The cost of maintaining an 0800 number is worth the benefits that the average business ultimately receives.

0800 numbers create a professional aura around the companies that use them. And because they are free to call, they attract even more inquiries from curious customers, creating an opportunity for marketing teams to boost sales. Along with the flexibility they provide, the advantages of 0800 outweigh any challenges you may think they attract.

But how does one go about buying an 0800 number? Well, while the minute details might differ in some areas of the UK, the process typically involves three primary steps:

Find A Reliable Service Provider

To acquire an 0800 number, you need to first identify a freephone service provider. 0800 numbers are popular in the UK, so you have several freephone service providers to choose from. But that is good. The more options you have to consider, the higher your chances of landing a suitable candidate.

Compare Offers

0800 numbers are not free. To acquire one, you need to pay a monthly rental fee. The easiest way to whittle potential freephone service providers down to a small number of viable options is to consider their financial offers. Start scrutinising the rental prices offered by each service provider until you find one that fits within your budget.

Try to remember that 0800 numbers are only free for the caller. You have to foot the bill associated with each call. So it is imperative that you take the rental prices into account when counting the cost of an 0800 number.


Once you have identified a suitable service provider, take some of the additional features on offer into consideration. An 0800 number, on its own, is quite advantageous. But your business could also benefit from voicemail, call management, and other numerous services.

These features are not a given. Some companies do not offer them but that shouldn’t immediately disqualify them. The best freephone service providers understand the importance of augmenting the capabilities of an 0800 number with additional functions.

The Capital Telecom Option

In case it wasn’t clear, we offer 0800 numbers. And in many cases, there are no connection fees associated with our 0800 numbers. Pricing is going to depend on whether you select the Standard, Gold, or Ultimate package.

We endeavour to cater to consumers of all financial situations, which is why Standard Numbers cost as little as £10 per month despite the 400 minutes of incoming calls that accompany the grade.

Forget about the complicated billing practices of other firms. Here, we prefer to bill customers by the second, rounding off to the nearest penny. You can track your company’s expenditure with incredible precision. Suffice it to say, freephone service providers don’t get any better than this.

To get your 0800 number today, call Capital Telecom free on 0800 22 88 66.

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