How to Answer Incoming Sales Calls

Part of the efficient running of any business in the modern age is, of course, making sure that you are able to capture as many leads as possible. Sales is something that is never an exact science, as the types of people you pitch to will likely differ from business to business. However, there are […]

Part of the efficient running of any business in the modern age is, of course, making sure that you are able to capture as many leads as possible. Sales is something that is never an exact science, as the types of people you pitch to will likely differ from business to business. However, there are a few golden rules that all incoming call centres need to follow when it comes to efficiently processing and handling sales calls. 

Incoming sales calls work a little differently to outgoing calls in that agents will need to be on their toes to tailor a specific service or deal depending on the needs of the next person to dial up. This can really vary, as you might imagine! Therefore, anyone handling calls will need to be extremely flexible, and will need to know your business’ operations – the very basics, at least!

Whether you are handling your own sales calls or are looking for ways to process calls through a call centre on an outsourced basis, it makes sense to look into the most efficient and effective ways of capturing those all-important leads and moments.

Be Available

This is a really simple point, but it’s crucial. Think about all the people who are likely to go elsewhere if they can’t get through to a sales centre the first couple of times. If you are particularly busy, it is never going to be easy to handle every call as soon as they come through. However, if you are dropping on as much as, say, 20% of your incoming sales calls – potentially, anyway – you are going to risk missing out on some serious potential revenue. Why should you risk missing out on potential growth through limiting yourself?

Availability is key, even if you have someone to hand who can take a message for you for a call back. Voicemail services may be convenient – and may be the standard – but keep in mind that – ultimately – the people who call you are going to want to know that someone is there to help them. If you have a human agent ready to handle calls at short notice, you can be sure that your potential customers feel as though they are really being looked after.

Give Your Customers the Floor

A key element to answering incoming sales calls effectively is to not overpower your customers. This means that you should never lead the conversation. Listen to what your caller is enquiring about. Wait for avenues to appear where you can make gentle suggestions. Of course, in the fast-paced world of sales and lead building, you are going to need to light a bit of a fire under yourself – gentle isn’t always the best way to build leads. Assertive words and approaches, ultimately, will help you to garner interest – but never be pushy!

It’s important that you make your callers feel as though they have control over the situation. You can simply steer the conversation your way when it comes to looking at solutions. This way, your callers will be happy that they are not being forced into the hard sell, and what’s more, they will appreciate that you are actively trying to help them, not shoehorning them into the nearest deal.

Go Bespoke

One of the major problems that many businesses face when it comes to setting up an effective incoming sales strategy is, of course, being careful to offer a bespoke service. It is tempting and more efficient to perhaps lead with a script, but this is likely to be a huge deterrent to many potential consumers. Therefore, you should be ready and willing to tap into the specific needs and wants of clients as soon as they call through.

Incoming sales call handling is going to need a bit of work on your part when it comes to intuition and lateral thinking. You’re going to need to ask the right questions, and to consider which services are likely to tailor best to this caller’s needs. You’re going to need to be clear on what callers can expect from you, too.

Ultimately, asking questions to build a customer profile is going to be key. Instead of making assumptions, build a clear profile by ensuring that you take the time to understand what your caller is actually looking for. It may surprise you just how much detail you can glean from a few minutes of conversation!

Why Use Outsourcing for Incoming Calls?

Incoming call demands on growing businesses are always likely to escalate. This much should be fairly obvious! Therefore, it makes sense to try and lighten the load as much as possible. For instance, you may wish to set up an outsourcing service with a remote call centre who can take messages and answer short queries for you. It’s a great way to make sure that all your potential lead calls are answered, and that you are not leaving anyone in the dark.

Outsourcing your incoming sales calls is also great for saving money, as well as time and hassle. Rather than having to pay for a whole team and all the hardware they need to answer calls, you can simply pay a one off fee to an outsourcing service monthly or yearly. There’s no need to pay wages or employee benefits. Therefore, you are instantly knocking down your overheads.

Of course, this coupling with the potential to take on more sales leads than ever before could encourage greater revenue than ever before. Who knows how much money you could be making on this basis?

Outsource Your Calls

It’s time to start thinking about delegating sales calls to a helpful, professional team with years of experience. Why not use Capital Telecom’s outsourcing packages and rates to start appealing to more leads than ever? It’s time to get your business growth up and moving to the next level.

Call our team to find out more or take a look at our packages and get in touch with us free on 0800 22 88 66 if you have any specific queries.

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