How Can Real-Time Call Statistics Help Your Business?

When running a business of any size in this day and age, data and statistics are everything. After all, it’s likely you’re going to have plenty of KPIs and targets to hit! What’s more, it surely makes sense to keep track of how your customers are getting in touch with you so that you know […]

When running a business of any size in this day and age, data and statistics are everything. After all, it’s likely you’re going to have plenty of KPIs and targets to hit! What’s more, it surely makes sense to keep track of how your customers are getting in touch with you so that you know that you are appealing to them in an effective way. Ultimately, it can be difficult to really probe into customer behaviour without access to leading tools.

However, did you know that you could gain insight into your customer behaviour and marketing effectiveness just by looking at call records and analytics? It might surprise you just how effective call analytics could help you in the long run. Therefore, it might be time to reach out to the team and the services at Capital Telecom to learn more. Before you do that, however, here’s a little more information on what you can expect from call statistics and analytics once you get in touch.

How Can Call Tracking Help You?

Firstly, it’s worth considering how effective your current analytics and marketing research actually is. After all, if your current statistical analysis isn’t doing the job you expect it to, it is certainly time that you start looking into new ways to enhance this side of things.

Call tracking is just one of the elements to call statistics and analytics from Capital Telecom which could help you analyse the way your specific numbers and contact routes are performing over time. For instance, you could use call tracking to analyse who is calling you the most – are you getting more from print campaigns, online telephone numbers, or other channels of direct contact?

By analysing which avenues are generating the most interest in you and your services, you’ll be able to fine-tune the way that you appeal to your wider public. This also means that you’ll save money simply by funnelling funds into the numbers and routes which are generating the most return for your money.

When Do People Call You?

One of the best things you can do when harnessing the power of call analytics is to work out when people are likely to call you the most. This means that you can easily analyse peak hours, and you can effectively organise your staffing around such a timetable. This means that instead of potentially wasting staff time in hour and day blocks where they might not be needed, you can be immediately smarter about where you are using the talents of your team.

The best way to achieve this data is by signing up for an audit with Capital Telecom. Capital Telecom provides an intensive auditing service which means that while you may feel you have an idea of when people call you the most, you will have solid data to back you up for the months to come. Some of the biggest corporate expenses revolve around staffing and fine-tuning this side of things is going to ensure that you are efficiently using the best professionals at all times.

Check On Your Team

Of course, you’ll also want to make sure that your team is being the best they can be. Otherwise, you’ll be at risk of disappointing your customers. This is why it’s important to consider setting up call analytics and tracking to check who is converting more leads than anyone else. Of course, while this is a great tool for rewarding employees who are really performing at their best, it’s also a great way for you to see who may need more support in the form of dedicated training.

Sometimes, side by side call listening or remote training will only do so much. Call analytics will tap into call handling times and drop rates, too. Altogether, it is another great way to make sure that you are keeping close tabs on how your team is performing in the long run.

Make Long Term Decisions

Analytics, of course, are great for helping business owners plan for the future. Call tracking analytics can be crucial in your quest for making big business decisions over the course of years. As mentioned, it’s great for helping you to sharpen up your approach to staffing. What’s more, you can use the metrics advised through analytics to decide where you can better spend your budget in the long run.

For example, this will be a great way for you to tighten up the money that you spend on overall marketing. If there’s one thing that most business owners would love to harness, it’s a sharper approach to marketing budgets!

Which Package Fits You Best?

One of the best reasons to sign up for call analytics with Capital Telecom lies in the fact that you’ll be able to choose from one of a variety of different packages. If you want to take things step by step, you can sign up for a thousand minute impressions for £25 per month. That will give you access to analytics for up to five 0800 or 03 numbers.

Of course, there are larger and more comprehensive packages available for you to take advantage of once you’d like to move ahead with your analytics in greater detail. Why not take a closer look online, and get in touch with our team if we can be of any assistance?

Why Do Analytics Matter So Much?

Business owners will likely vary in terms of how they approach data and analytics. Some love dealing in data, while others just want straight answers! Don’t worry. Call analytics packages from Capital Telecom will ensure that you have access to straightforward answers and clear data which you can base actions on for months and years to come.

Interested in taking bigger strides when it comes to growing your business? It’s time to enter a new age of profitability. Make sure to call us now to learn more or take a look at packages available from Capital Telecom to budget for an approach that suits your needs.

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