How call tracking insights improve ROI

Do you feel that you’re not getting the best return on investment from your advertising?

Here at Capital Telecom we offer a call tracking service which could be a valuable tool to get further insight into your current marketing strategies.

Our call tracking service lets you see useful information such as call volumes for each phone number you use, which will allow you to gain a better understanding of current trends so you can adapt your marketing strategy.

Here are 5 ways call tracking insights can improve ROI:

Precisely see the origin of each incoming call

Our call tracking service enables you to see the origin of each incoming call, this is useful as you can see the effectiveness of each of your marketing campaigns – and shows how good the return on your investment is.

For example, if you use different pieces of marketing such as flyers, direct-mail shots, local newspapers and magazines, you will be able to trace every call back to the original number on each advertment. Your data could show that 50% originated from the newspaper, 30% from direct-mail shots and 20% from flyers and nothing from the magazine adverts.

With this data you will be able to tweak and adapt your marketing campaigns to make sure your not wasting your budget on advertising that generate no returns.

Monitor employee performance

Call tracking together with call recording will enable you to monitor your employee performance and identify any strengths and weaknesses they have. Using the online portal, you can see who is gaining the most business or who isn’t hitting their targets and how they can improve.

Analyse peak hours

You can even use call tracking to analyse your call volume based on the time of day and days of the week. With this information you will be able to know when best to promote your products through advertising, depending on where the most activity happens during the day. You can also change employee working hours so you have cover during the most optimal period. For example, if Saturday mornings seem to be the busiest time, you can adjust working hours for this time slot to maximise employee output.

Support important decisions 

A recent study has shown that “41% of firms report they need improvement in providing accurate metrics to their sales managers”.

With Call tracking, you will be able to provide accurate data which can be utilised to enhance marketing campaign and even support major business decisions.

Effective training with recorded calls

Recording your incoming calls allows you to analyse customer engagement. You can also record calls for training purposes to improve employee’s customer service skills and to offer continuous development.

What packages do we offer?

 Here at Capital Telecom, we offer three different call tracking packages.  You can choose which include virtual numbers from each range of prefix.

Package Name Choice of Numbers Price per month
Starter Choose 5 x 0800 or 03 or 01/02 numbers £25.00 (Includes 1,000 minutes a month of incoming calls)
Medium Choose 20 x 0800 or 03 or 01/02 numbers


£100.00 (Includes 5,000 minutes a month of incoming calls)
Corporate Choose 100 x 0800 or 03 or 01/02 numbers


£250.00 (Includes 10,000 minutes a month of incoming calls)


If you are interested in our call tracking package and would like to find out more, then please call us today, free on 0800 228 866 and speak with one of our friendly advisors.

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