How A Call Center Can Assist Your Business During Severe Weather

Experts have blamed England’s turbulent weather on warm and humid air potentially linked to Hurricane Humberto that devastated Bermuda a little while ago. Most UK residents don’t care about the source. They just want the rain to stop.

TheĀ heavy downpour on Tuesday alone flooded many roads and streets. Public transport was brought to a standstill. And you have to presume that quite a few businesses were disrupted, either encroached upon by the rain or forced to remain closed altogether.

In such a situation, no other partner is more important to the survival of your business than a call center. Yes, it sounds ridiculous but it is true. Here is how the right call center can help those businesses that might be struggling with the aggressive weather phenomena assaulting the UK this week:

Call Answering Services

A call center will receive all your customer calls on behalf of your employees. Try to remember that storms such as those that assaulted England this week are likely to keep your business closed for several days at a time. However, that won’t stop customers from calling you, especially those who have no idea that the rain has debilitated your business because they live far away.

A call center will trick your customers into thinking that you are still operational even if your office is closed.


Most of us assume that businesses in places like Birmingham and Liverpool had to remain closed because so many roads were flooded. But you have employees who are so dedicated that they will act brave during the heavy rain and the wind so they can open your business premises in the morning.

But if you know that conditions in your community are too dangerous to permit your employees to safely travel to work, a call center can send out notifications to all your workers, telling them to stay away. In fact, rather than earning the anger of all the people who will show up at your office only to find it closed, a call center can send notifications to all your customers, letting them know that you are closed. This will keep them from making unnecessary trips to your business premises.

Remote Workers

Some businesses understand the benefits of call centers. But they are hesitant to let them interact with some of the more sensitive customers even in situations where weather conditions have forced them to keep their offices closed.

You should know that our call agents are professionals. And if you educate us adequately on all the minutiae of your business, our people can be trusted to satisfactorily resolve the queries of all your clients. But even if you refuse to trust us in this manner, a call center can still receive all your business calls and then divert the most sensitive customers to your employees at home.

Our services are quite versatile. We provide both inbound calling services and virtual numbers that are not bound to any device. As such, we have the means to direct your incoming calls to your employees even when they are not in the office.


If you can still receive incoming calls from your customers, you have the option of using us as backup. Natural disasters normally cause a spike in the volume of calls that businesses receive. Rather than missing phone calls or sending them to the queue, consider using us as your backup line. A call center can take all the excess load that businesses like yours attract during such trying times.

You should also know that call centers are just as useful in the aftermath of a natural disaster. For instance, if yours was one of the offices that was flooded, you still need us to field all your customer calls while you execute your recovery process. We can act as your customer support staff, allowing you to focus your efforts on bringing your office back online.

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