Here’s 6 reasons why you should buy an 0800 number from Capital Telecom

0800 numbers are the most widely recognised phone numbers in the UK. As they are free to call they’re the leading phone numbers to attract new business as customers are more likely to call a freephone number to enquire about a new product or service.

We have a massive range of available 0800 numbers that will suit your needs and budget. Here are 6 reasons to why you should buy an 0800 number from Capital Telecom:

An 0800 Numbers Shows Customers You Value Their Business

One of the many benefits of an 0800 number is that they clearly show that you value your customers — an 0800 number actively portrays a caring business image where customers are more important than profits. And as 90% of people recognise that 0800 numbers are free-to-call it’s another great way to gain more new enquiries by taking advantage of this fact.

Customers interested in your product will be more likely call you over any potential competitors when you advertise with a freephone number. Furthermore, by letting your customers call for free, rather than having a number which costs your customers to call you will show that you care about their business.

0800 numbers present a nationwide appeal because they conceal your geographic location – reassuring customers that you cover their area and therefore more business will come in.

0800 Numbers Boost Enquiries

By advertising an 0800 number you will notice your company’s sales enquiries increase, all because of how recognised 0800s are for being a freephone number. As soon as you start advertising your 0800 number, you’ll see response rates rocket by as much as 185%! What better reason to get your 0800 number today!

Pay a Small Monthly Fee That Includes Your Call Charges

Here at Capital Telecom we offer three different monthly packages that includes all the calls you need:

  • Standard numbers – Monthly service charge of £9.99 – includes 400 minutes per month.
  • Gold numbers – Connection fee of £9.99 and a monthly service charge of £12.99 – includes 600 minutes per month.
  • Ultimate numbers – Connection fee of £99.99 and a monthly service charge of £34.99 – includes 1,750 minutes per month.

Take Your 0800 Number With You If You Relocate

You can change the destination number of your 0800 as often as you want without any extra costs. So if you are moving office, or out all day or if your phone lines go down, you can simply redirect your incoming 0800 calls to a new number – instantly.

Choose Your Own 0800 number – And Make It Highly Memorable

Choosing a memorable 0800 phone number should be important for your business, as the easier the digits are to remember, the easier it will be for customers to remember too. This is important for your existing customers too, as they should be able to easily recall your 0800 number when they require more products or service.

Add Extra Functionality

We offer many call management services with our 0800 numbers that help you get the best out of your number such as,

Call queuing – if your lines are busy, your callers will be placed in a queue and informed that an agent will be with them shortly.

Time of day routing plan – You are able to route your number to a different destination number depending on the time of the day and/or the day of the week.

Percentage distribution – You can set how many calls goes to each member of staff.  For example, 60% of calls can go to one agent and 10% goes to 4 other agents.

To get your 0800 number today, call Capital Telecom free on 0800 22 88 66.

reasons to buy an 0800 number

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