Getting an 0800 number: What is the cost?

Are you thinking about introducing an 0800 number in to your business? 0800 numbers are very popular in the UK, so you would be in great company. Customers love them because they are free to call. Businesses offer them because they increase sales inquiries which, in turn, can lead to a boost in sales.

Simply put, if you tell people that they can call you for free, the chances of them actually calling increase significantly. Of course, not all businesses appreciate freephone numbers. Yes, they are free for customers but what about the fee that companies have to pay to operate 0800 numbers?

Every time a customer calls an 0800 number, the company they just called must cover the cost of that call. You can probably see why some people might take umbrage with the idea of offering these lines in the first place. It is worth mentioning that the cost of an 0800 number isn’t static.

It varies depending on factors like the following:

  1. The first consideration is the origin. Where is the caller calling from? The pay per call rates are going to vary depending on if they call from a landline or from a mobile.
  2. Besides the origin, you must also consider call termination. There is a fee associated with the routing of a call from one service provider to another before it reaches the recipient. The rates are going to vary depending on whether the call routes to a landline, a mobile or to an international number.

But call termination rates don’t matter if you are routing calls to a VoIP address. Because VoIP works over the internet, it allows you to reduce these costs significantly.

  1. Besides the cost of receiving a call, you need to think about the cost of securing an 0800 number from a service provider like us. We offer a number of packages for you to choose from. But you shouldn’t let the cost in this area sway your selection.

Consider your situation, specifically the volume of calls you expect to attract. Make sure that the package you have selected is suitable for your volume.

  1. 0800 numbers, on their own, are quite beneficial. But service providers will sometimes accompany their 0800 number packages with additional features such as call management services. These features are typically optional. Their presence or absence is going to affect the cost of securing the freephone numbers you want.

As with the previous point, your need should shape your decision to either pay for the additional features or reject them. The price shouldn’t sway you.

By taking all these factors into account, you will find that it is much easier to estimate the cost of owning an 0800 number. But you shouldn’t let the figures scare you. The budget required to cater for a freephone number won’t break the bank!

Freephone numbers are worth every penny you spend on them. Why do you think so many businesses, both large and small have adopted them? 0800 numbers offer an advantage that is absent with 01, 02, and even 03 numbers.

To get your 0800 number today, call Capital Telecom free on 0800 22 88 66.


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