How to get a toll free number for your business

There are many and various ways in which your business can benefit from a toll free phone number.

A toll free number can be easily and affordably set up even if your company is small or a start-up; however, that same number can also make your company look more professional and tailored to individual global markets. So, how can you obtain this type of number for your company?

Ease the financial expense for your potential customers

When you more thoroughly consider what benefits there could be with a toll free number, one big clue is in the name. Yes, your potential customers and clients would not have to pay to use this number – even if they call you from a different country to the one where you receive the call.

It has long been possible for freephone numbers beginning 0800, which are obtainable through our website, to be called free-of-charge from landlines. However, this has also been possible through mobile phones since 2015, as BBC News has reported. From the caller’s point of view, this is wonderful for simplicity. Upon seeing a 0800 number, they can not only immediately recognise it as free to call, but also know that this would apply whether they call via a landline or mobile phone.

Act as an international business from a strictly national base

Another boon of a toll free number is that your business can be a truly global force. Let’s assume that your company is UK-based, but considering extending the availability of its services beyond this country’s geographic boundaries. You could, in foreign markets, place advertising that includes your firm’s current number. However, if that number is a UK-specific one, your overseas target audiences could notice this and perceive your firm as too geographically distant to be able to meet their needs.

It doesn’t matter if you are convinced that your company doesn’t warrant this perception; the big problem is that, for as long as that perception exists, you could have little opportunity to prove it mistaken. Therefore, for each additional market, you could register a number that includes a code specific to that market. This could lift the only barrier to many people giving your firm a try.

In an article for LinkedIn, inbound marketer Pawan Kumar says: “With a toll free number, you can make your business portable.” What does that mean? Basically, that if there is any reason why your company has to shift its operations to another country, the loyal customers that you have already attracted can still reach you. You can set up a toll free number to forward calls to a landline or mobile phone in the country that your business has moved its base to.

A good process for obtaining a toll free number

If you have decided that getting a toll free number is indeed the right step forward for your business, take heart that you can do so easily through our website. To start, click ‘NUMBERS’ on the navigation bar at the top of this website and then, under ‘International Toll Free Numbers’, click the blue button reading ‘FIND OUT MORE’. This will bring you to a long list of countries which you can purchase toll free numbers for. Look down this list for the country you wish to market to; then, click on its name.

Doing this will load a page detailing benefits of toll free numbers from that country. You should also see an information box titled ‘What does a toll free number cost?’. Here, various facts – the ‘set up fee’, ‘monthly fee’, ‘included minutes’, ‘contract term’, ‘online portal’, ‘price for calls routed to a landline’, and ‘price for calls routed to a mobile’ – will be listed.

It’s worth emphasising that exact prices and terms can differ depending on what country you want toll free numbers for. However, in many cases, there will be no set-up fee to pay. In a high number of instances, the main price to take account of will be the monthly fee; however, we are transparent about various costs, a practice which can help your company avoid encountering financial shocks.

A number that your company can keep benefitting from

There is no stage in your company’s development where a toll free number will definitely cease to be relevant and useful. It can be financially palatable even if your company is just starting out, but also amazingly useful if your business sources revenue from various markets across the globe. Our website includes much more information about toll free phone numbers.

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