Data Roaming Set to Rise

As the government gears up to trigger Article 50 and begin the process of negotiating our departure from the European Union, the question of roaming charges has cropped up and experts are fearing the worst.

At present, the EU caps roaming charges for all member states can take advantage of low-priced calls and data throughout Europe. As soon as the UK gains independence this cap will no longer apply to British citizens whilst they’re in Europe, and the likelihood of striking a similar deal post-Brexit looks bleak.

It’s predicted that streaming a single song whilst on holiday could cost up to €50 – a not
inconceivable figure considering that US holiday makers without a special holiday package already pay around €10 per MB of data whilst roaming in Europe.

An unfair advantage for UK citizens?

Industry experts have warned that attempting to negotiate capped roaming charges as part of a free trade deal will be very difficult, especially with countries that receive large volumes of British tourists with far fewer local citizens visiting the UK as the congestion on their networks would be unfairly weighted in Great Britain’s favour.

The likelihood is that UK networks will have to strike individual deals with networks throughout European countries, meaning that larger operators such as Vodafone will be able to offer their customers far better deals than smaller MVNO operators who ‘piggyback’ off larger operators’ networks.

Business trip expenses set to increase

Unfortunately, the end result is likely to result in a greater cost to use a UK mobile to call, text or use the internet whilst travelling through Europe, meaning business trips could become a lot more expensive than we’ve become accustomed to in the past.

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