international toll free numbers

Give your business a local presence in 120 countries

11th January 2018

Open your business up to the world with an international toll free number. Gain a presence and encourage new business calls from potential customers from 120 countries around the world. Most business owners dream that one day the company they started from scratch can open itself up and do business all over the world. This […]

How can a virtual business number benefit your start up?

22nd August 2017

Starting up your own business can be challenging and time consuming– there’s a lot you need to consider, and you won’t always get things right the first time. Amongst managing a team of staff, finding and securing clients, marketing your business and keeping on top of finances, there’s no doubt that your working week is […]

phone spoofing scams

Phone Number Spoofing – Don’t Get Caught Out

4th July 2017

What is telephone number spoofing? This is when a company or individual displays a different telephone number than the number that they are actually calling from. Why would someone do this? Sometimes, businesses like to show that they are calling from either their business or local number rather than their direct lines to ensure that […]

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