How to get a toll free number for your business

19th July 2017

There are many and various ways in which your business can benefit from a toll free phone number.

London Underground WiFi

6th June 2017

It is expected that London underground passengers will soon be able to enjoy the facility of Wi-Fi coverage even in tunnels as part of plans to be announced after the election. At present, commuters have access to Wi-Fi at stations and platforms but not in tunnels. Cities in other countries such as Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, New […]

0345 0330 0300 0344 numbers

Still confused about 03 numbers?

22nd May 2017

One of the most common questions we get here is “what do the different types of 03 number signify?” Ofcom released these numbers back in 2009; they’re designed to be a local rate number that covers the whole of the UK. The main types of 03 numbers you’ll see are: 0333 0330 0345 0344 0300 […]

0345 numbers

What are, and why choose an 0345 number for your business?

3rd May 2017

What are 0345 numbers? 0345 numbers are a special set of numbers. They are telephone numbers that are considered unique because they cannot be associated with any geographical area of the United Kingdom. With these unique numbers, it’s impossible to identify the location of the business that’s advertising it. The number is kind of like a secret location […]

0800 freephone numbers

Top 4 Reasons Freephone 0800 Numbers are Better than Traditional Landline Numbers

20th April 2017

Have you ever wondered which number would be most beneficial for your business? A freephone 0800 number has numerous benefits which make it an ideal investment for businesses looking to improve customer service and increase call volume. Whilst your business may be ticking along nicely with a traditional landline number, a freephone 0800 number could […]

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