Call Management Services That Enhance User Experience

When running your own telephone system and call centre for business purposes, it’s often a bit of a muddle trying to make sure you’re offering as much support as possible to your customers and clients. The fact is, modern callers are often going to expect and even require you to be available 24 hours a […]

When running your own telephone system and call centre for business purposes, it’s often a bit of a muddle trying to make sure you’re offering as much support as possible to your customers and clients. The fact is, modern callers are often going to expect and even require you to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Even for larger companies and businesses, it’s not always easy to make sure you are firing on all cylinders when it comes to communications.

That’s why it makes perfect sense to set up business call handling features to help improve and enhance your customers’ experiences! At Capital Telecom, we are always pleased to help business owners and call centre operators get up and running with brilliant communications standards which can help to improve your own efficiency and productivity, while at the same time ensuring that your callers are always able to reach you when they need support.

Let’s take a look at a few brilliant call management solutions and services which might just change the way that you handle your callers’ queries and concerns moving forwards.

Time of Day Routing

Do you have a few departments and teams which are only likely to be working at particular hours of the day? When callers dial through to them after hours, are they likely to be cut off with a voicemail message? Why not give them access through to a team who can handle their queries at a specific time of day?

If you have multiple areas of contact within your business, it makes sense to try and tie them together with efficient call management. One of the best ways to really open things up to your callers is to reroute them if there isn’t anyone available to take their calls. Rather than leave their calls to go to an empty desk or to fill up the voicemail box, it surely makes sense to have someone at the other end of the line who can give them a standard of care they expect.

Time of day routing is easy to set up and is fantastic for both saving you money and saving your callers time and hassle. Instead of having to hang up and call back another time, they will simply find that they are able to connect to an alternative agent.

The last thing you should ever have to do is turn down a call or a request. After all, business is business! Therefore, make a point of setting up a time of day routing system to make sure there is always someone on hand to process queries and concerns. Even if generic customer service staff aren’t available, if you have remote staff or technical support advisors available after hours, why not route to them?

Call Answering

It’s true that you never know which calls you receive are going to give you that next big contract or connection. Every single call is important! However, it stands to reason that you should make sure to answer as many as possible, even if you are going through a heavy period of work. The fact is, if you’re unavailable to take calls, your callers could feel let down, and may simply choose to call someone else – or call again at another time.

Instead of letting calls drift through to voicemail or letting them go unanswered at all, you can really impress your customers and clients with a call answering service. Capital Telecom offers a remote handling service where your callers can automatically route through to one of our professional team if you’re unable to answer any queries yourself. Rather than let calls, again, route through to voicemail – or worse, go unanswered altogether – you can ensure that there’s a friendly, human voice at the other end of the line!

Whether to offer skeleton support or to simply take messages, a call handling service will ensure that there is always someone waiting to speak to your customers. This is hugely beneficial for entrepreneurs and sole traders, too, who may find that they only have so many hours in the day to actively take calls on their mobile phones.

Post Code Routing

Alternatively, if you manage multiple locations, franchises, or branches, then you may wish to take up post code routing, too. This package plan can route callers directly to their nearest branch or location, meaning that if they have a query or concern which is going to require local support, they can get the help they need without having to spend time travelling through your national switchboard.

This service is an absolute must for both businesses and callers. It helps to make calls more efficient, it helps callers find the answers they need quicker, and it also ensures that the quality of service you provide is always optimised for local care. If you run a smaller business this service may not matter too much to you right now, but the fact is, when you start to grow your firm and enterprise, you are going to need to start thinking about how to reach out to local customers.

This is another great option for business owners who want to monopolise on as many different calls as possible. And why wouldn’t you? You can use this service in line with others available at Capital Telecom, too.

Don’t Miss a Call!

If you’re serious about improving your customers’ experience, and ensuring that your company maintains growth potential, it’s time to take on as many different calls as you can. Voicemail is all well and good, but if you’re going to encourage as many people to call you as possible, it makes sense to offer a little more of the human touch.

Capital Telecom is pleased to offer a variety of call management packages and plans to help make communications easier on your team, as well as your callers. Get in touch now with our team for more answers or do make a point of taking a closer look at the different services and packages we have available online.

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