Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers Over Fixed Line Numbers

Advancements in information technology have continued to streamline communication in organisations. Our Virtual Switchboard, for instance, will completely transform the way you handle inbound calls and messaging. Virtual assistants have also made customer service faster, more accurate, and so much more reliable.

Virtual phone numbers are interesting. Unlike other cloud-based communication tools, virtual phone numbers feel like old technology, and this is a good thing. In many cases, they operate just like fixed line numbers and that makes them appealing to individuals who struggle to acclimate to new technology.

However, despite their similarities, virtual numbers are better than fixed line numbers, designed to avail benefits like the following:

Phone Calls Are Inexpensive

Virtual numbers are cheaper than fixed-line numbers. This is because you can use your internet connection to make and receive phone calls. This allows you to avoid the fluctuations in call rates that can sometimes happen. You can even make international calls at a fraction of the cost that fixed line numbers normally attract.

Expensive Hardware Is Unnecessary

Virtual numbers promise a variety of functions and features. But they rely heavily on the cloud. They have no use for expensive hardware or even software. This includes specialised handsets. Virtual numbers are compatible with any internet-enabled device.

You don’t have to reconfigure your office’s communication infrastructure to enjoy the benefits of virtual numbers. There are no servers that must be installed or wires that need to be ripped out of the walls. The process of setting you up with a virtual number is both cost-effective and quick.

As a result, expansion is equally uncomplicated. You don’t have to purchase new hardware every time you open new branches of your business. Neither do you have to contend with the disruptions that the upgrade of fixed-line numbers causes. Virtual numbers are ridiculously convenient.

Virtual Numbers Are Not Attached to Specific Devices

This goes without saying. Fixed line numbers are called so because they are stationary. To answer a call coming through a traditional business line, you have to handle the particular device associated with that line. If you’re too far away to access the phone in question, you will miss the call.

Virtual numbers permit you to pick calls from any device. You can redirect any call to any location you consider convenient. This is why virtual numbers are such great business tools. Plus, you don’t have to buy new handsets to utilise a new virtual number.

Virtual Numbers Can Analyse Performance

Virtual numbers are perfect for call centers because you can track the conversations between your call agents and customers. You can collect data that can be used to improve the performance of your team. You can also record your customers’ complaints for later review. This gives you so much control over your company’s interactions with callers.

Virtual numbers are a miracle. Besides availing features like call forwarding, tracking, and the like, they are so convenient, particularly with regards to the way they permit you to pick calls from any device. This is why small and medium-sized businesses are encouraged to adopt the technology. It is just as flexible and productive as the sophisticated fixed line communication systems that large corporations use. However, it is so much cheaper.

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