Are Virtual Phone Numbers Set to Replace Physical Offices?

Are you in the process of growing your business? Thinking about reaching out to more clients and customers than ever before? It might be time to move office. After all, if you really want to get through to the big city businesses and clients, you might need to get yourself a London number. But what […]

Are you in the process of growing your business? Thinking about reaching out to more clients and customers than ever before? It might be time to move office. After all, if you really want to get through to the big city businesses and clients, you might need to get yourself a London number. But what if moving office or even setting up a building at all is simply not possible for you right now?

Virtual numbers, run entirely via cloud, will allow you to set up a call signature and prefix that places you in a specific location – for example, London, Manchester, or Leeds. The bonus is, of course, that you don’t actually need to be in that location physically! Virtual numbers will transform your existing line(s) into local call signatures, meaning that it will appear to clients and customers that you are based in a specific locale.

This isn’t cheating your customers! Far from it – it merely shows them that you mean business – and that you want to reach out to a specific line of custom. In fact, many entrepreneurs and contractors across London who rely on mobile numbers will choose a virtual number with an 020 prefix – simply because it helps them to put down roots!

Are you considering a virtual number for the first time? What are the benefits over setting up a physical office, and will virtual lines replace the need for fixed locations in time to come? Let’s take a look.

Virtual Numbers are Cost-Effective

For smaller firms, and for those entrepreneurs and sole traders who may not have much need for a physical office at first, a virtual number will make all the difference. Hiring an office space takes a lot of budgeting. While it’s a great idea if you are looking for a collaborative working space as well as a physical presence in a city of your choice, it’s not always going to be the best option if you largely float around or are based on the road.

With a virtual number, you get the benefits  of appearing to be fixed in a location when you’re not. For example, instead of running with a basic mobile number that starts with 07, you could route calls and even make calls yourself from a line that begins with 020, the standard London prefix. As many businesses setting up in London will largely be looking for the benefits of the location and its address prestige, a virtual number solution will take away the hassle of you having to pay out for a wide office space from month to month.

You instantly get the benefits of this ‘city prestige’ without even being there. It’s surprising how many clients you can appeal to simply by having your number based in a popular location!

Virtual Numbers are Flexible

At Capital Telecom, we strive to offer as flexible and as scalable a service as possible. When you start renting an office location, you are likely going to be tied in to various contracts and rules. Unless you have specific need for an office beyond the address and phone number attached, this may not be worth your time, money, and effort.

We offer flexible virtual numbers, which means our terms and conditions are fair, and you are never tied into a lengthy term of service. You simply set up the numbers you desire and receive a clear and fair price package from month to month, or from year to year.

We’ve set up our virtual number service in an effort to appeal to those business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for a streamlined, flexible experience. We don’t think you should ever have to tie yourself down to any kind of service or demand. Pay for what you need!

Are Virtual Numbers Popular?

Yes! Virtual numbers really are growing in popularity. This is, as mentioned, thanks to their amazing flexibility and cost-effectiveness. In this day and age, and certainly post-COVID-19, more and more people will be swaying towards home or remote working. Instead of pinning themselves down to a physical office location, they can simply set up a virtual number and run things either from their home base, or from a mobile phone, meaning that they can effectively call and manage contacts on the go.

Therefore, it will not be surprising to see virtual numbers continuing to grow in popularity over the years to come. That’s why it makes sense to get in touch now to secure your own specific number and line, and to start branching ahead of the pack.

It’s unlikely that physical office locations will ever become unimportant or unnecessary. However, for a certain group of people – owners of very small businesses, entrepreneurs, and remote sole traders – it makes sense to opt for a virtual number rather than to shell out for a big office space that you might not use so much from day to day.

Is a Virtual Number Right for Me?

Think about the people you’d like to reach. Are you keen to expand your client base on a specific, geographical basis? Are you looking to connect with clients and other businesses in the big cities? Maybe it’s time to change up that old number and to give it a fantastic new wrapping.

A virtual number is a fantastic asset. It allows you to establish yourself firmly in a selected location while remaining completely flexible as you demand. Flexibility is key in this day and age, and what’s more, sole traders and small business owners are not always going to have the money or time to manage their own office locations.

Therefore, take a good look at where you need to place your business – and how you’d like to grow it – for the years to come. Make sure you identify where your client epicentre is likely to be – and get in touch with Capital Telecom if there is a specific prefix or virtual number which is likely to help you grow and enhance your client base for the years to come.

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