7 Reasons Why a Call Recording Service is Important

Whether you’ve been established for years or you’re a brand new start-up, call recording is sure to benefit your organisation. Call recording has multiple benefits which we will aim to explore in this short blog.

Performance evaluation

Customer service is imperative to the success of any business. Call recording enables you to accurately assess the performance of employees and ensure calls are being handled in the correct manner.

Staff training

Staff training isn’t exclusively for new recruits. When an employee joins your organisation, listening to call recordings can quickly prepare them to handle a typical call, as well as picking up good customer service habits and eliminating common mistakes before they happen.

Once an employee has established themselves within your organisation, listening to recordings of calls they or their colleagues have handled can aid continuous development and improve overall customer service, as well as measuring performance levels and targets.

Data protection & security

Data protection is understandably a considerable concern for consumers. Recording each call makes abiding by The Data Protection Act (DPA) simple, and prevents employees from using customer information illegally by leaving a trail that could lead to the prosecution of the agent.

Information loss prevention

Even the best, most experienced customer service agents can misplace or forget valuable information. Recording each call creates the opportunity to retrieve vital information, helping you to continue to offer outstanding customer service.

Step in to the future

Call recording used to mean fiddling about with tape recorders, cassettes, and cables. With Capital Telecom’s service no additional equipment is needed to record your calls as they can be recorded at network level and then sent by FTP or email to your desired storage location.

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