6 Reasons You Should Own a Memorable Business Number with Capital Telecom

Are you looking for an extra boost to increase your sales and customer satisfaction whilst working towards your annual goals? A memorable business number could be the missing part of the puzzle that your business is waiting for.

  1. Instantly create a professional look – a memorable phone number instantly creates a professional and well-established look. If your aim is to keep up with your competitors or you’re ready to take the lead in your market, a memorable business number is a must. Capital Telecom offers a wide range of memorable business numbers including 0345, 0800, and 0844 numbers.
  1. Increase inbound enquiries – Prospective customers are more likely to remember a unique business number, helping to improve the effectiveness of each advertising campaign, whilst creating a professional look. Simply by utilising an 0800 number, for example, inbound calls can increase by up to 85%, substantially increasing potential return on investment for each advertising campaign.
  1. Forward your calls to any number – A virtual business number from Capital Telecom will seamlessly reroute to any number of your choosing. This is particularly useful in the event of natural disasters, holidays or during temporary office closures; Capital Telecom’s customers have access to an online portal whereby they can customise their call preferences and re-route all incoming calls to a new number of their choosing. For example, a small business may decide to re-route their business number to a personal mobile phone number during a holiday.
  1. Easily manage your business – a big bonus of owning a memorable business number is that it comes with a comprehensive and highly effective call features package. This can include Call Queuing, Call Routing, Mid-Call Transfer, Live Call Answering, Voicemail to Email, plus much more, making call management simple and ensuring you never miss another important call.
  1. Experienced support – Capital Telecom customers have access to a fantastic support team. If for any reason you experience difficulties, you can be sure you will receive the finest support to help you overcome any hurdles. No long delays, broken promises or ridiculously long hold times, simply great, quick help and advice.
  1. Budget control – a memorable business number isn’t as expensive as you may think. Capital Telecom offer a wide range of packages to suit every budget, which means not only are you always in control of how much you spend, you can also add on extra features as and when you need them. What’s more, we never spring hidden costs upon customers and you’ll only ever pay for the minutes you use.

These are just 6 reasons you should own a memorable business phone number – if you’d like to find out more and learn how a business number from Capital Telecom could help your business thrive, simply click here. You can also speak to a member of our experienced team by calling, free on 0800 228866.

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