5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Telephony

There are numerous benefits to cloud-based telephony but before we delve further, some of you may well be asking yourself “What on earth is cloud-based telephony?”.

Quite simply, it’s the new breed of communication services, designed to aid businesses of any size or sector in offering state-of-the-art customer service to their callers, bundled into a simple, value for money package. It works by routing calls via reliable and secure cloud based software to a traditional landline or mobile number, without the need for expensive hardware or extra lines.

1. Value for money

Because cloud-based telephony is hosted 100% off-site, there’s no need to purchase an expensive PBX or multiple phone lines; all that’s required is a landline or mobile number to accept calls, and your existing handset(s).

2. Feature Rich

Choosing Capital Telecom’s cloud-based telephony system offers more than a cost-effective NGN solution; each customer receives access to their online account which gives the ability to add, remove or modify call management features including call recording, time of day routing, call intro and more.

3. Reliable and Secure

All NGN’s are hosted on our secure and reliable servers, so should your premises be struck by snow, floods or other natural disasters, your customers can continue to contact your business by transferring all incoming calls to a different landline or mobile number.

4. Flexible

As a non-traditional method of hosting and supporting NGN’s, cloud-based telephony allows you to utilise non-traditional numbers, including virtual city numbers. Incoming calls can be instantly re-routed to a temporary or permanent number, meaning there’s no need for engineer visits or expensive phone lines should you move office.

5. Mobile

Cloud-based telephony allows businesses to operate a single communication system for staff throughout the world. Extensions can be added or amended within minutes, allowing connectivity whilst hot-desking, working from home or travelling.

To find out more about cloud-based telephony with Capital Telecom, simply click here or call our knowledgeable team on 0800 228866.

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