10 Reasons Why A 03 Number Will Benefit Your Business

Does your business currently offer a 03 number for your customers to call? If not you could be missing out. 03 numbers are quickly becoming the most popular phone number for savvy businesses in the UK, despite the fact that 0800 numbers are free to call.

Here are 10 ways in which your business could benefit from having a 03 number.

  1. 03 Numbers are included in most telephone providers call plans; this pretty much makes 03’s free to call for the majority of UK based callers.
  2. If 03 numbers are not included in a callers package they are simply charged at a local rate (the same as 01 or 02’s) regardless of whether they are being called from a landline or a mobile and with 94% of adults owning a mobile phone as of 2017 this means that your business is accessible for the vast majority of the population.
  3. 03 numbers are non-geographical and will give your business the same nationwide presence that is offered by a 0800 number. 03 numbers allow businesses to have a national point of contact and eliminate any uncertainty of costs for customers.
  4. At Capital Telecom we don’t impose any limits to the number of calls you can receive when routing to a landline, nor do we charge for the length or the frequency of your incoming calls.
  5. As with all our virtual numbers at Capital Telecom, we offer great levels of functionality. Our range of call management features will help your business get the most out of your phone number from a virtual switchboard, guiding your customers to the correct department to a simple welcome greeting thanking your customers for their call. You can check these out here: https://capitaltelecom.co.uk/services/
  6. Another great feature of our 03 numbers (And any of our other virtual numbers) Is that they’re completely portable, if you move premises you can take them with you. In case of an emergency where you can’t enter the office you can simply divert your 03 to your mobile and carry on with business as usual. All you need is an existing phone line for your 03 numbers to be routed to.
  7. Capital Telecom offer an online control panel for free! This will allow you to manage your numbers wherever you are in the world 24/7.
  8. Capital Telecom keep charges low whilst maintaining a high quality network and providing outstanding customer service.
  9. We give a lead-time of 24 hours to connect your number so there will be no delay on any marketing campaigns you are planning to put in place. Once you’ve received confirmation your 03 number will be ready for any advertisements.
  10. No need for any additional equipment and no extra training, all you need is an existing UK landline or Mobile for your 03 number to be connected to, it really is that simple!


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