0345 Numbers – Why Are they Good For Business?

There are plenty of different number prefixes out there which businesses fall back on and use regularly. From freephone numbers in 0800s to local lines and services, it’s safe to say that there is a lot of choice out there. However, there are a few pros and cons to every type of phone number and […]

There are plenty of different number prefixes out there which businesses fall back on and use regularly. From freephone numbers in 0800s to local lines and services, it’s safe to say that there is a lot of choice out there. However, there are a few pros and cons to every type of phone number and prefix. That said, one of the strongest choices you can make when picking the best prefix and line for your firm is an 0345 standard. It’s likely you will already have seen plenty of 0345s out there, meaning that it’s already likely to be appealing to business owners – and customers – to a large extent.

But what really sets 0345 numbers apart from the pack? What makes them a better choice over 0800s? The fact is, different numbers and difference prefixes offer different perks and services. While 0800 numbers might be free for customers to call, there is still plenty of worth in arranging people to call you through 0345 instead.

Let’s take a look at 0345 numbers and why they’re great for business – from small firms to bigger corporations alike.

They’re Appealing to Customers

0345 numbers are still a relatively modern creation. They first came to prominence as a result over premium rate call regulations, meaning that while people will have need to pay high rates to call companies through 0845s in the past, 0345s present a low-cost alternative. In fact, in the vast majority of call packages, 03 numbers fall under local and national rates, which means that they will normally be included in evening and weekend rates on landlines, and on mobiles, they will normally be included in minutes you receive through pay as you go or through contract packages.

Therefore, an 0345 number is likely to be instantly appealing to most people. While they are not free to call in the sense of 0800s, calling an 0345 number means that charges are going to be far from the customer’s mind. When they will likely have a pressing issue that they want you to help with, that’s only going to be a benefit.

Therefore – yes – while you can make calls free with 0800s, you can make things just as palatable to customers by ensuring that their calls to you come off their inclusive rates. That’s forward thinking!

They’re Flexible

0345 numbers are non-geographic. To you and me, that means that they aren’t fixed to any specific location. In a day and age where you need to be as flexible and as versatile as possible for your business and for your customers, it makes sense that you should have a phone number that moves with you, too. Thankfully, this is easier to set up than ever before.

0345 numbers available on a virtual basis will allow you to funnel calls from an 0345 to your existing landline or even your mobile phone number. This means that you will give callers the impression that you have an office dealing with low-cost calls, rather than a simple mobile on the move.

0345 numbers are incredibly flexible. Therefore, instead of having to splash out hundreds or thousands of pounds on a physical office or telephone line, you can set up a moving landline connection that you can answer and handle anywhere in the field. And why not, indeed!

Therefore, instead of tying yourself down to any kind of physical location, you can take out an 0345 number that you can use from just about anywhere in the UK. Why should you have to cement yourself when it’s counter-intuitive to the running of all modern businesses?

It’s a Professional Look

Yes – for certain – 0800 numbers and local or national lines look the part. However, 0345 numbers do, too. They are widely associated with businesses, which means that you are effectively showing your customers, too, that you ‘mean business’. Therefore, you can ensure that people feel confident enough to call you to help handle their queries and concerns. What’s more, this is likely to help you stand out amongst your other rivals in the best possible way.

In addition, while it might be tempting to serve up a mobile phone number as your main point of contact, you are much more likely to harness the confidence of customers if you show off a business number. Yes – plenty of people will expect contractors and mobile businesspeople to mainly run through a smartphone while on the go, it stands to reason that a business line or 0345 number is going to look infinitely more appealing.

It’s a case of appealing to customer and consumer psychology in the best possible ways. While it’s not always possible to predict how your customer is going to think or operate on average, it’s worth setting up a professional look and an affordable channel of contact from the get-go. If you’re going to appeal to new customers, the best thing you can do is create a positive, lasting impression.

Are 0345 Numbers Expensive?

No! Not at all – in fact, as you are not paying for calls into your centre yourself, it may actually work out cheaper for you than 0800 number alternatives. However, as stated, there is plenty of worth in both prefixes. 0345 numbers are extremely cost-effective – especially when you consider the number of leads you are likely to build by offering this type of line to customers and callers from the off.

Therefore, while considering setting up call handling and other efficient ways of managing business communications, why not look into an 0345 number on a virtual basis? It could make all the difference to the revenue you build in the weeks to come, and could even help to grow your firm, too!

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