0345 numbers

Why Are 0345 Numbers So Good for Business?

4th August 2020

If you’ve been in business for a while now, there’s a good chance you already have a phone number in place – a direct line for people to reach you on if you want to offer a service or build a client connection. However, did you know that some phone numbers are better than others […]

virtual phone numbers

Time of Day Routing: What is it, and How Can it Help Your Business?

21st July 2020

Businesses in the modern age need to be more flexible than ever before. Therefore, many are finding that they need to implement an ‘always on’ approach. However, it’s not always so easy to make sure you are at your desk 24/7! When you run multiple departments, too, it’s not always easy to know which customers […]

reasons to buy an 0800 number

How to Answer Incoming Sales Calls

15th July 2020

Part of the efficient running of any business in the modern age is, of course, making sure that you are able to capture as many leads as possible. Sales is something that is never an exact science, as the types of people you pitch to will likely differ from business to business. However, there are […]

0800 Numbers: The Advantages They Bring to Business

8th July 2020

If you have ever had to call a formal company or business before, it’s likely that you will have come across an 0800 number. On the whole, it’s a pretty common UK corporate standard. While plenty of sole traders and small businesses start with local lines and mobile numbers, there is certainly a bigger push […]

virtual switchboard

Does Your Business Have a Virtual Switchboard? Here’s Why It Should

1st July 2020

The modern age is full of queries and concerns. Small businesses as well as sole traders and contractors are likely to be faced with all manner of complex questions and projects. That’s no bad thing if they are able to handle these queries quickly and effectively! However, for those multi-faceted businesses with plenty of strings […]

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