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How Does a Virtual UK Number Work?

16th May 2022

How Does a Virtual UK Number Work? Despite telecommunication apps like WhatsApp being used more and more in recent years, it might surprise you that they still probably are not the wisest choice for your business. Being free is an attractive incentive, but they come with risks, including connectivity issues, security risks, and availability. But More…

calling overseas

Why choose a prepaid phone service over free mobile telecom apps for your business?

12th May 2022

Since WhatsApp and other telecommunication apps have gained traction across the globe, it is natural to assume that the best way to make international calls for your business would be using these, especially since they are usually virtually free. But their usefulness and efficiency largely depend on internet services and various other factors. It might More…

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What are the Requirements for VoIP?

11th May 2022

In this fast-paced world that waits for no one, it is crucial to be on the top of your game if you want to achieve your goals. And one of the most important ways to keep up is connectivity. Unless you can stay in contact with those around you, you will have difficulty getting anywhere. More…

How is VoIP Changing the Telecoms Game?

The Switch to VoIP Phones Is Inevitable

28th April 2022

A recent report by Vigour Times has highlighted that around two million customers have removed their landlines in support of new systems, while 160,000 were forced to switch each month starting April of last year. BT agrees that the 40-year-old landline system has become obsolete and less reliable and must be replaced with modern and More…

5G and the future of VoIP

Using VoIP Overseas: An International Business Blessing

4th April 2022

The Covid-19 outbreak has altered business practices throughout the world. As a result, we are no longer as eager to go to other countries for business as we were before. It is not only difficult because of social distance, but the cost is prohibitive. This is where the VoIP system comes into play to make More…

ISDN PSTN Switch off 2025

Everything You Need to Know About the 2025 PSTN & ISDN Switch Off

6th March 2022

Even though it hasn’t happened just yet, there is one big pressing matter that Britain is about to face. This is the news that some people are talking about, but not everyone is ready for. Of course, the topic of the day is none other than the ISDN switch off and the PSTN switch off. More…

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15 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Call Answering Service in 2022

21st January 2022

While it is incredibly exciting to start your own business, the thrilling experience comes hand in hand with quite a few responsibilities. To make your corporation a genuine success, you need to put in a lot of hard work and make smart decisions. Burnout is a major problem among UK-based start-up founders as they find More…

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What to expect: Is VoIP still important in 2022?

15th December 2021

There are rumors about the future of the VoIP industry saying that its end is very close, but experts believe the opposite. Exponential growth is expected in the VoIP market between 2020 and 2025. Advanced technology and high-speed internet are reducing the significant equipment investments in the telecom sector. What is a VoIP Number? A More…

How to Get an 0800 Number for Your Business

How to Get an 0800 Number for Your Business

1st November 2021

What are toll-free numbers? In the UK, toll-free telephone numbers are also known as freephone numbers that start with the prefixes 0800 or 0808. The more commonly used prefix is 0800, where numbers can have six to seven digits after the prefix. There was a time when 0800 numbers were free to call from just More…

global comms

How Do International Business Phone Numbers Work?

23rd September 2021

Growing your company to an international scale can be an attractive opportunity many business owners set as a long-term goal. By doing so, you gain better visibility, leading to an increased number of customers that will enable you to stay on top of your competitors.  However, getting your business to rise on this type of More…

PSTN Switch Off: How It Impacts Your Business

21st September 2021

Running a business requires a great amount of communication. Strong internet connectivity and several phones are vital to set a smooth sailing shift and provide an excellent customer experience in daily operations. Because of this, companies need to be mindful of any related changes and potential disruptions that may interrupt their business communications. In a More…

improve call handling

7 Practical Tips to Improve Call Handling

4th August 2021

Technology has changed the way customers interact. Queries can now be answered online through a business website, chatbox, or email. However, this doesn’t eliminate the preference for real-time support across all contact channels, including calls. The nature of customer service calls remains the same; therefore, effective call handling is still a relevant strategy to employ More…