memorable 0800 numbers

What Are the Advantages of Advertising with a Memorable Phone Number?

26th May 2020

When setting up or running a business, it’s crucial to stand out to as many people as possible. At least, you should be standing out to the people who you really need to appeal to! You can offer the best services and the best range of products – but where do you start when it […]

Virtual phone numbers

What is Call Tracking – And How Could It Help You Build Leads?

18th May 2020

All businesses need to build leads. It’s a fact of commercial and corporate success! When growing your business, you will of course be looking for new ways to grow your revenue. Therefore, one element you’re really going to need to have down pat is your marketing. Marketing and advertising, of course, never truly ends – […]

How Does a Virtual Switchboard Work?

11th May 2020

As time has moved on, the need to move away from traditional telephony to digital means has grown hugely. That means, instead of having to rely on a physical number or switchboard service, many companies and businesses are choosing to move to a virtual or digital standard instead. But how exactly does this work in […]

0800 number

Why Do Callers Love 0800 Freephone Numbers?

5th May 2020

When running a small business, you’re going to need to do everything you can to appeal to your customers. You should not only be running a great quality service, but also a firm marketing and advertising campaign. If your customers aren’t going to find you appealing, what’s the point in setting up quality services and […]

0345 phone numbers

Why Should Your Business Set Up an 0345 Number?

27th April 2020

Over the years, the phone numbers that businesses set up and use has changed quite a lot. While you will still see plenty of big businesses setting up 0800 lines, it’s safe to say that 03 numbers have crept into the mainstream. That’s because these lines were brought in as low-cost alternatives to some of […]

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