What to expect in 2022: Is VoIP still important?

15th December 2021

It has been a long time coming, but the transition from ISDN/ telephone exchange-based technology to VoIP/ SIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications for enterprises is now the mainstream solution. Business advances and global technology have led to many companies with multiple offices in different countries and time zones needing a system that offers flexible […]

man calling overseas

Vodafone is Bringing Back European Roaming Charges – What Happens Next?

26th August 2021

It was always going to happen at some point – to some extent. Some mobile users in the UK are now facing up to the fact that Brexit means the return of the dreaded roaming costs in Europe. According to recent reports in the media, new Vodafone customers are set to face the brunt of […]

call centre agent on the phone

When Is The Best Time to Contact a Call Centre?

19th July 2021

These days, we are becoming more and more used to calling companies who route calls through call centres. These range in size and location – from small to medium sized companies with their own in-house teams, to large national or even global companies. Knowing when the best time to call can really vary – who […]

Still Relying on Caller ID? OFCOM Says It’s Time to Stop

18th June 2021

Caller ID is one of those popular phone features that we all seem to use or need at one time or another. It’s handy to know who’s getting in touch, especially when we want to make sure that we’re not falling prey to any kind of scams or prank calls. However, it seems that caller […]

Virtual phone numbers

Get a Virtual Landline Number for ANY Town – On Your Mobile!

14th April 2021

When it comes to running your own business, you may find it easy to set up with a mobile number, at least to begin with. And why not? It’s endlessly flexible, and it means that you can keep in touch with your clients and customers wherever you go. In fact, we highly recommend using a […]

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