Indian Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers encourage customers to call your business first

7 great reasons to buy an Indian toll free number from Capital Telecom

  1. FREE Connection! There’s no connection fees when you buy an Indian toll free number from Capital Telecom.
  2. Appear to be locally based when you advertise in India.
  3. Callers in India will get a free phone call to your business - wherever you’re based.
  4. Online Management - redirect your incoming calls whenever and wherever you need.
  5. You pay just £24.99 a month which includes 100 free call minutes every month.
  6. Calls billed by the second, not by the minute – our minimum charge is just a penny!
  7. Add extra services to your virtual number, completely free.

What does a toll free number cost?

Set up fee: FREE
Monthly fee: £24.99
Included minutes: 100 a month
Contract term: 12 months
Online portal: Included
Calls routed to a landline: 25p/min
Calls routed to a mobile: 27p/min

Get a toll free number for your customers in India

Expanding overseas? An international toll free number will help you look like an established business, without having to set up an office in India


  • You’ll get more business: Customers are more likely to call if it’s free.
  • Gain customers trust: Toll free numbers make you look professional and established.
  • Relocating? Takes the number with you and maintain total control of your customer base for the life of your business.
  • Sits on top of your current telephone number and does not replace it.
  • Free call reporting – monitor call volumes and patterns.
We have a number of additional features that we include free: Call queuing, online management, real time call stats and voicemail.  See our full suite of available calling features.

Want to develop your business in India?

The Indian economy is the sixth largest in the world and has been described by the IMF as the ‘bright spot’ in the global economy. Are your sights set on developing your business in India – then let your customers in India call you for free.  Set up an India toll free number and your customers wherever they’re living in India, will be able to call you without being charged.

Engage your customers

In India free-to-call phone numbers often begin 1-800 though other sequences feature too, like 000800. Choose a number which is obviously free to call and people are more likely to get in touch.

Develop an international presence

Setting toll free numbers allows your business, however small, to develop an international presence. Moreover, you can appear as a local business in your advertising should you wish to.

Manage incoming calls easily

Your customers based in India will be able to call you for free wherever you’re based. In fact, with the easy online management system you’ll be able to forward your incoming calls wherever you want them. Toll free numbers are not linked to a particular location phone, property or location.

Business insights for your benefit

In addition, the toll free number can help with your marketing intelligence. Give a different number to each of your marketing campaigns, and you’ll know which has been the most successful quickly and easily - helping you to plan your future marketing campaigns in a more informed manner.

Fair and transparent billing

Choose Capital Telecom, and you’ll pay just £24.99 a month which includes 100 free call minutes every month, after which you’ll be charged to the second, rather than a minute, setting us apart from our competitors.

Develop a business presence in India

Allow customers in India to call you for free - set up an India toll free number for your business and develop your customer base abroad.

Call Management Services

Ready to get started?

To buy an Indian toll free number today, simply call us free on 0800 228866 or complete our enquiry form and we’ll call you back.
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