Bahamas Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers encourage customers to call your business first

6 great reasons to buy a Bahamas toll free number from Capital Telecom

  1. Appear to be locally based when you advertise in the Bahamas.
  2. Callers in Bahamas will get a free phone call to your business - wherever you’re based.
  3. Online Management - redirect your incoming calls whenever and wherever you need.
  4. You pay just £49.99 a month which includes 100 free call minutes every month.
  5. Calls billed by the second, not by the minute – our minimum charge is just a penny!
  6. Add extra services to your virtual number, completely free.

What does a toll free number cost?

Set up fee: £249.99
Monthly fee: £49.99
Included minutes: 100 a month
Contract term: 12 months
Online portal: Included
Calls routed to a landline: 39p/min
Calls routed to a mobile: 41p/min

Get a toll free number for your customers in the Bahamas

Expanding overseas? An international toll free number will help you look like an established business, without having to set up an office in the Bahamas


  • You’ll get more business: Customers are more likely to call if it’s free.
  • Gain customers trust: Toll free numbers make you look professional and established.
  • Relocating? Takes the number with you and maintain total control of your customer base for the life of your business.
  • Sits on top of your current telephone number and does not replace it.
  • Free call reporting – monitor call volumes and patterns.
We have a number of additional features that we include free: Call queuing, online management, real time call stats and voicemail.  Click here to our full suite of available calling features.

How Bahamas toll free numbers can help you

The Bahamas, the archipelagic country southeast of Florida, is well-supplied with tourists due to attractions such as its tropical climate, intriguing landmarks, great beaches, and water-sports opportunities. Your business could reap significant financial returns from the country by promoting itself to Bahamas residents - and it can do that more easily with Bahamas toll free numbers.

The Bahamas: a very different market to target

The Bahamas is a distinctively different type of country to the United Kingdom, despite the two being island countries. In the former, there is typically a warmer climate and better access to warm sea. The Bahamas also has an economy of a very different makeup - to the extent that, if you tried to market your UK company to Bahamas people, you could attract surprisingly little interest. This could be particularly the case if your Bahamas-targeted advertising includes a UK phone number. This could deter residents of the other country from phoning your firm; they might prefer to deal with a Bahamas-based company. You could nonetheless attract such people, without you needing to move operations to the Bahamas, by obtaining Bahamas toll free numbers.

Purchase numbers from us today

These numbers have many benefits. For example, your company could look Bahamas-based, while people in that country won't need to pay to call your company. Meanwhile, thanks to per-second, instead of per-minute, billing, we could charge you as little as a penny for a call. We invite you to get in touch to learn further details about our services.

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