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Encourage international customers to call your business today by using toll free numbers

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International Toll Free Numbers from over 100 countries



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International Toll Free Numbers

An international toll free number with Capital Telecom gives you global presence, connecting you to customers where you don’t have a physical presence. This is obtained at no extra cost to the customer, who can call your business without incurring any charges, regardless of where in the world the call originates from.

  • Get a presence in over 120 countries
  • Route your international toll free number to any UK number
  • You can change this number at any time for no extra cost
  • Your customers will be unaware that your number is based in the UK
  • This boosts your credibility at no cost to the customer

Give your company a global presence

If you are a business that operates overseas, an International Toll Free number allows your customers to call you completely free – just like a UK 0800 freephone number.

Your International Toll Free number is redirected to a UK number of your choosing, and then you pay a per-minute charge to receive the calls (plus an initial setup fee and a monthly service charge).

There is no need to purchase any extra phone lines or equipment – we divert your International Toll Free number to an existing number of your choice, which can still be used as normal.


Add Virtual Switchboard functions

We offer a wealth of additional services to add to your International Toll Free number, including:

  • Welcome Greeting
  • Time of Day Routing Plan
  • Call Recording
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Centre Handling
  • Handle Concurrent Calls
  • Real Time Call Statistics
  • Divert to Mobile
  • Percentage Distribution
  • Call Whisper
  • International Routing
  • Post Code and CLI Routing

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